Friday, May 2, 2008

Stuff and Stuff!

Well, we still haven't got our new grandbaby, so I thought I'd tell you about getting ready for another young lady. Our second oldest daughter has a birth sister who grew up in British Columbia, so needless to say the two sisters didn't grow up fact they only met for the first time about five years ago. Tatum has decided that she'd like to come and live in, she's coming to stay at our house! We are all quite excited...Emma keeps asking Tatum coming today? Well, tonight, I decided to do some cleaning up in my area just outside of the room that Tatum will use.....oh my one person can collect sooooooooo much 'stuff' is beyond me....I don't know how my husband has put up with it for so long...(where I'm concerned he does have the patience of a saint!). I wish I did have the courage just to throw it all out, sight unseen but I'm one of these people who will go through it all, piece by piece....well, you's hard to part with those little notes your kids write you when they're just little! ....and photographs!....boxes and boxes, I'll never get them all organized, never mind scrapbook them.....oh,

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Ronalee said...

When is Tatum arriving??