Friday, April 20, 2012

Good Morning Company Girls!

This is the start of a busy weekend. My grandsons are coming! Of course, they'll be bringing their mom and dad....and their dog...mustn't forget the dog....there's really not anything like the experience of having THREE Old English Sheepdogs in the house!
My van needs to go into the shop tomorrow to have the tires rotated...who knew you were supposed to do that regularly...not me..and well, it would seem that my front tires have pretty well worn themselves down ...hubby thinks we'll just rotate them to the back...which, according to everyone but me, knew that you're suppose to be doing all along! Good grief...there's always something when you own a vehicle.

Today, I have to leave in a few minutes to have my bone density test done....and then race to a massage appointment 30 minutes later.....then come home and clean up the quilt room so William has a place to sleep.....may be driving Maya to eldest daughter's place tonight, which is now about a 45 minute drive, one way, since they moved...they need maya to babysit tomorrow....Maya is having some Really Difficult times right now....she didn't get the summer job at her favourite summer camp, she didn't get into the praise and worship team at the church, which she was really hoping for( and so was I, people need to feel accepted at their church and she doesn't), she's having a hard time at of the boss's is clearly racist, but of course nothing Maya can prove, I just keep telling her that she just has to work there 4 more months to get her college money, but it's, if you could pray for her when you think of her I'd appreciate it..she's a good kid...she just makes some poor choices in effort to belong and be accepted by others. It's quite difficult for her.

Yesterday, I had my grand daughters for the day and the night before. Their mom had something to do yesterday and it was easier if they came here. They were pretty good and kind of amusing at one point 3 year old Afton said...'nana, do you have chocolate Cheerios'.....I said no...she said, 'well, I'll just have to look over what you have in the morning then'...with a resigned sigh.....Don and I just looked at each other....

Oh, and last Tuesday, the quilting ladies and I drive over the border, into New York state and went shopping! What fun it was....we stopped and had lunch at Applebee's was a great time and we have resolved to do it again!

So, must be off..on with the day and the appointments.....always appointments....someday I'd love to throw away my appointment calendar!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter, Birthdays, Sheepdogs and a Plan...

Good Morning Company Girls!

It's been a lovely week in April, the weather has been a little cooler than one would like but I love April and May, my very favourite months of the year so the cooler weather is okay.
How was your Easter...ours was very busy at our house....Eldest son and his family came for the weekend...and on Saturday all but two of my kids were here as well as significant others and grandchildren...we had a lovely Easter dinner...all 18 of us...oh yes, I invited my mom too...she said...'oh, but you already have so many, you don't need me'...I replied..'well, yes we more isn't going to hurt and if I didn't want you there than I wouldn't have asked you'...She grinned and came.....

On Sunday, it wa a quieter day, with church in the morning ,then in the afternoon, just eldest son and his family were here...which of course means that Sweet William and Smiley Samuel were here....they are the cutest little guys...William had his first Easter basket...he wasn't quite sure what to do with the chocolate Easter bunny but once he was shown...well, you can guess...he thoroughly enjoyed it.....little Samuel ..

is a little too young for chocolate yet but I imagine by next Easter he'll be in there with William, enjoying it too....then they left (as well as their Old English sheepdog) really need to experience a household with three grown Old English Sheepdogs in it...especially when two like to be continuously playing! The house was quiet...the kids wanted to put the television on...I said NO!...I was enjoying the quiet.....I have noticed, that at the age that hubby and I are at...we love having all the family here...we truly do....but the quiet...the quiet when everyone leaves is truly magical...

This week had many appointments and Maya's 20th birthday! We had a birthday cake for her when everyone was here last Saturday and then yesterday, her actual birthday, I took her out to lunch before she had to go into work..and tomorrow, she wanted everyone to go bowling for her birthday's the birthday that never ends!

Next week our quilting group is going on a little excursion! We are all looking forward to traveling over the border into Buffalo to Joanne's Fabrics...while we're there we are also planning on having see, we Canadians are deprived..we don't have a Joannes a quilter, Joannes is like a candy store....we've talked about going for a couple of years and now we're finally going...well, that's the plan anyways. I'm hoping that I remember my camera to take lots of pictures....5 crazy quilters descending on the border at Buffalo, oh my....

Don't ya just love it when a plan comes together?

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