Friday, June 26, 2009

Wading through the week......

Good Afternoon Company Girls! I'm a little late today...hubby had his day off today and we had lots of errands to go on and we still have the grocery shopping to do! They implemented a new program at his work that says that if he works 45 minutes longer each day, then every other Friday he gets the day off.....this was his first real day and it was pretty nice although I kept getting confused and thinking it was Saturday!

Well, all the kids are finished school, summer has officially started in our house and I think there's about 75 days left til school comes back .....thank the Lord the summer usually goes quickly because the way my teens are already sniping at each other I feel it's going to be a very, very, very long summer!!!!! This week was filled with graduation activities for Megan, a year end potluck luncheon and class for quilt class, an orthodontic appointment for Megan, an appointment with a new social worker that will help go the the maize of getting the help we need to help a disabled young adult through the system....(it's all greek to me!) I had to take our van to the shop to once again get our AC worked on but that was cut short with a phone call from my sister to tell me that my mom was having chest pains again (she had a heart attack last December), and I also had to figure out how to take Maya to her end of year school band party too......then hubby and I took Megan for her special grad dinner with just her and us,, was kind of a busy mom was okay....after my sister gave her her nitro and she rested all afternoon...thank the Lord....

Anyways, I'm hoping that this week will be a little far just one appointment to go for...but then again I have to take Megan to get a new bathing suit...which is a pain in the neck since I detest clothing shopping with a passion.....

I hope you all have a wonderful week...take it easy..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

30.......long years....

Today, in my heart, I celebrate my unborn baby's birthday.....we called her Leah Catherine........she would have been 30 today.....I miss her all the time....sometimes I ache to hold her....sometimes I can't wait to see see what she is really like....and not just in my day talk with her, to laugh with her......

Happy Birthday, Leah.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Megan's Graduation.....

Megan graduated from elementary school tonight! One of the teachers asked me how many years I had kids going to that school....I said..'29....29 years and 9 kids'.......she said...'but you'll still stop in and see us from time to time won't you?'....'nope'...says I!
Now, I just have to get through the next 78 days until school starts up again....dear Lord. make it fast.....the kids are already at each other's throats and I've reached my limit!!!!!!!
I mean, really...when do four teens become cantankerous, not get along whatsoever toddlers?
I'm mean, really.....sweet Jesus please give me courage and strength!

Friday, June 19, 2009

End of an Era....

Good Morning Company Girls!

Well, even though the calendar says summer comes next comes today! All my kids will be done school after today..and to me, that always signifies the beginning of summer....just as the first day of me, is fall (autumn)....I know I'm weird...but when your life has revolved around your kids being in the school system for over 30 years...well, that's just the way it is.

Hubby reminded me this morning that after today we wont have anybody in the elementary school...the same one that eldest one started at about 30 years ago....what a run! He wanted to know if I was going to go over and give them all a hug....well, except for hubby...I'm not a real huggy person....then he asked me how many principles that I could remember.....!!! Good grief, I have a poor memory at the best of times but really...I think there's been at least 5,...maybe 6. Oh well, I wont lose sleep over it!

It feels really nice to have this era we can finally move on...come September, all 4 teens will be at the same high school......pretty neat, huh?

Well, that's about all I have to say today....I plan on taking off in a few minutes...Megan's gone to school, and I have places to go and things to see!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

No more teachers, no more books......

Do you see the biggest kid w/the blow toy in her mouth on the left side of the picture? Well, that's Megan.....Megan, will be 14 next month. I've been homeschooling Megan since the beginning of last October and today is our official last homeschooling day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow she goes to her last school day at the local elementary school and then on Monday she 'graduates'! Yea!!!!
Since, after today, when some of my highschoolers will be done exams, and they can be home....this means that I can actually go out of the house without a shadow! It's been a very long nine the beginning of all this I thought that this would be a good thing...when you have nine kids, with four still at home desiring your attention, it becomes really difficult to find one on one time without weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth from the other three.....but........I had no idea just how much it would impact me personally.....I began to dread quilt class....I would spend more time helping her do something then getting work done on my quilt...and it was actually difficult to really enjoy the fellowship of the other ladies when you knew a 13 yr old was listening to every word and would question you about it later....and then there was bible study....I finally gave up going to that....first, I naively thought she could just sit and watch the Beth Moore video...after all, Beth is really interesting...well, not to a 13 yr old with the mind of a 3 yr old.....then, we took her school 'quietly' work on...that didn't work...then I let her take her game boy (with the sound turned off)...til she had to go to the bathroom on another floor in a strange church and couldn't find her way back! I was very conscious (although the bible study ladies and the quilting ladies, were quite gracious about the whole situation) about disturbing this special time that all these ladies had,...thank the Lord, my eldest offered to have Megan go to her house during quilt class...she doesn't live far from quilt class....but alas, I had to give up bible study. I am hoping that I can resume that in the fall.
So,'s been an experience........not one that I care to repeat......I'm a lot older that I was when I home schooled two of my other kids for two years.....about 16 years older........I don't have the patience for the fifty million questions per day, just to wake up to hear the same fifty million again....and again...and again......good gracious, be still my soul.
Thank you Lord for all your blessings, strength and encouragement...without you I can do nothing.

Monday, June 15, 2009


A year ago we were here....beautiful, gorgeous, peaceful Bermuda! It was the best time of the year to go...lovely and warm and the humidity was just starting up when we left. We timed it to be there for our anniversary...which is tomorrow, and it was everything you could have hoped and dreamed of.
Unfortunately, it will be many years before we can afford to go's a good thing we have memories and beautiful pictures to dream about.....perchance to let your mind enjoy.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thirty- Six Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I posted this pic before but people say it's a good I'm posting it Tuesday, Lord willing, we will celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary! We met 39 years ago at a summer camp for underprivileged kids.....he had a cabin of older boys...I had a cabin of 8 yr olds....12 of them! The very first time I saw him, I thought he looked pretty good....he has a twin brother, who at the time was more rowdy...the life of the party...hubby was the quiet one...that appealed to me...through thick and thin...we've been together for 39 years! It's gone very quickly. Hubby's made plans for later on today...he has to work all day next Tuesday and then teach in the evening so we can't celebrate tonight we're suppose to go to a place called the Shaw Festival and see a play! He thought of that all by himself...he was very pleased....and I am very pleased that I have a hubby that after all these years still likes to give me surprises as well as the regular every morning he brings me my tea,...while I'm barely awake.....he says I'm spoiled...and I am!

36 years...WOW!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Teachers! I'm starting to get very frustrated with teachers....not that I haven't in the past...but the last week or so it has become very annoying. Now, I have to be really careful in what I say because teachers are in my family....quite a few.....but fortunately none of them read my blog! My sister is a retired teacher and principal, my brother is a teacher, the other brother is a part time teacher, my sister-in-law is a teacher, my sister's son (my nephew) is a teacher..and his wife is a teacher.....and of course my hubby is a part time teacher of evening classes, and my eldest son has done some teaching and hopes to be a college professor very soon(and I think that maybe he reads this the odd time...when he's bored) I said...lots of teachers.

Now, a good teacher is worth their weight in gold. I would not want to be a teacher in todays schools! There is absolutely no respect by the students towards the teachers, the teachers certainly don't have the leverage, discipline wise that teachers of yesteryear had....which makes their job extremely difficult.....but.....

I am in particular frustration with the teachers in Maya's school. Maya is my 17 yr old and she attends the local highschool. Maya has some academic learning disabilities which, as she's gotten older, has really caused a problem for her. Her comprehension level, academically, is extremely low, so her academic subjects are all at the essential level......that's the level that is the lowest that you can be at without being put in a special class. Maya excels in other particular, sports, music and her ability to look after babies and small children. She is fabulous in these areas.....there isn't a sport that she doesn't do well in.....she plays a brass instrument in three bands, and my youngest grandaughter thinks she's her second mother!

So, where is the connection between Maya and my frustration with the teachers? Well, I'll tell you...... since Maya is involved in these other and sports....sometimes she misses class time....not due to her own doing but when the coach says you have to leave class by a certain time to get to the game on the other side of town...well, you kind of have to leave...and when the music teacher says that she's having an all day practice because of a band concert that night...well, what do you do......and when you have a big, huge interview for a special co-op placement for next year and the placement people schedule it during your english class...the same class that you've missed and had to leave early from before....a few times.....what are you supposed to do?

They've all been getting on Maya's case...causing her tremendous stress.....she's scared that the english teacher is going to stop her from doing the co-op placement next year...(he threatened to go to the powers that be and get her stopped from being involved in anything next year)....
yesterday, Maya didn't go to this years co-op placement because she has a big deal...but...her placement is in a nursing home where there are fragile, senior citizens....but....when Maya mentioned about going to her athletic banquet tonight...her co-op teacher said...'well, if you don't go to co-op then you can't go to the athletic banquet'!!!! grrrrrrr.

Speaking of athletics.....Maya has been on the baseball team at school for the last few months.....unbeknownst to me they ordered her a t-shirt with her name on it and gave her a pair of sports baseball socks....and then up $40 please. Now, this is usual, sure...except they got her name, on the shirt spelt wrong! So, everytime the ump called her name or anyone addressed guessed it ...they said her name wrong! I said...'well, I'm not paying 40 bucks for a shirt where your name is spelt wrong, they need to get a new shirt'...but by the time they were getting around to doing it, the season ended! They still expect me to pay for the shirt...with the wrong name.....when would she wear it again? (Maya wears her sports shirts all the time...she prefers them to girly shirts) That's $40 people!!!!! $40 is a lot of money!!!!! They even tried to scare her by saying that she wouldn't be able to go to the banquet tonight unless she payed for the shirt ....I told her that she already had her ticket and not to worry about it....but kids like Maya, well, they do worry about these things.....

So, now I have a very stressed teen....afraid that she wont be able to do co-op next year, afraid she wont be able to do sports next year, afraid she wont be able to be in the bands next year...and afraid she wont be able to go to the banquet tonight! Teachers don't understand Maya....because she has the academic disabilities, Maya needs these other things.....because she struggles so academically these other 'things' are what gives her the self confidence that she needs in this's what makes her Maya!

Like I said....a good teacher is worth their weight in gold...but a teacher on a power trip.....well, quite frankly....their worth..???

Just my opinion.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Stuff

Good Morning Company Girls!

It's a beautiful sunny spring day here in my part of Ontario.......and I am pleased to say that unlike last Friday, today I don't have fifty million places to go and people to see......and Megan has gone off to school so I get to do it all by myself.

It was a little humorous yesterday when I was sitting with my parents having tea at Tim Hortons...of course Megan was with me and my dad was asking her about going to high school in the fall (yea!). She told my dad that it was going to be hard for me because I'll be all by myself, that I enjoy having her with me...just the two of us. My dad looked at me and grinned because he knows just how difficult it has been to have her around, constantly, for the past school year...I not only look forward to her being in the special class in the fall just because she'll be with other kids, like herself....maybe she'll even get a friend, who is her own age...she usually gravitates to the five year olds...but I will admit to looking forward to having my days back where I can string two thoughts together without her interrupting with a question(s)...the same question(s) that she would have asked me yesterday, and the day before and the day's like my own personal version of the movie Ground Hog Day!

So to get to Rachel's question about summer activities.....we have, since my oldest son was about 30 years,..gone to a place called FairHavens Bible Conference......a retreat centre where they have many kinds of accommodations from camping to cabins to hotel like's situated right on the Trent Canal system...about 2-1/4 hours from our home...on the other side of has many, many activities for all ages....golfing, swimming, volleyball, soccer, baseball, basketball and so on......ample time to read and snooze, and each week they have a new speaker bring us the Word with similar age appropriate activities for the kids. We have our trailer there permanently....not a huge trailer.....not like some of the beauties up there but it's ours....not the banks.....It takes most of our Tax return to pay for the fees each year so there isn't any money left over to do other things with the kids.....that's our life...they don't like it that we can't do other things ...but...that's too bad.

We don't live very far from Lake Ontario...a five minute sometimes we take the kids there for a walk along the beach and a stop at the Dairy Queen on the way home....but that's about it....not a fascinating life...but it's ours.

We do have a special treat for the kids tomorrow.....hubby's company picnic is at Canada's Wonderland, and he got some greatly discounted tickets so he's taking the kids.....they don't know about it yet...he wants to surprise them. They will be very excited....they always talk about wanting to go but at $50 a ticket normally, it's way out of our price range!

So...that's summer time activities...not very fascinating but then again...we're old so fascinating isn't found in our word repertoire very much any more when talking about our lifestyle! Have a great weekend, girls!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Appointments.... first day without appointments!.....Ya gotta love it....the only problem is that there are so many things I would like to do that it's hard to I quilt, I cut out the pieces for a new I read one of the five books on my dresser just begging to be to be read, I read my new quilting I clean the kitchen, ...and the bathroom, do some laundry, wipe out the stove..(I put it on to self-clean yesterday and now it needs to be wiped), wipe out the fridge and clean out all the questionable items.. :0( some sure do pile up when you're forced out of the house everyday!

Yesterday, Megan said to we have to go somewhere tomorrow...I said 'no, we don't'.

At Supper time,....Megan came to me and said...'should I start packing now?'

'Packing for what?'

'Well, I thot I was going to Leslie's to stay overnight.'

'Megan, when you asked me earlier today if we had somewhere to go, what was the answer?'


'Well, then, why would you be packing to go to Leslie's?'

'Well, I thot I'd just be doing that....I like going and sleeping overnite at Leslie's'

'No, you are not going to Leslies, you were just there all day Monday and besides, Leslie has four kids of her own that keep her busy'

No reply...just the 'deer in the headlights' stare.........oh might be a long day afterall.