Thursday, April 30, 2009

YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!

Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!

Just got the call this morning that my youngest, whom I've been homeschooling this year has been accepted into a special class, in the class of our choice, which happens to be in the school of our choice. Words cannot describe the relief that I felt when I got the call....just this morning I had been praying about it all....this last week has been particularly difficult homeschooling Megan.......I will admit that when I brought it to the Lord this morning I was having a moment of, there is a light at the end of this long, long.....very long tunnel.....YES!!!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Afton's Dedication

Unfortunately, because I'm sooooooo computer illiterate I really don't know how to rearrange pics once blogger has obtained them....then these are in no particular order......This is my daughter's family on the platform at the church, during the dedication....
This is Afton, at our house afterwards for the dedication luncheon....

Afton enjoying some of the four butterfly cakes that daughter Leslie stayed up til 1 a.m. the night before making......I put in pics of all four cakes because they were ever so excellent.....

This is Lauren and her boyfriend Ryan.....yes, I also have a son named Ryan so sometimes it gets a little confusing when they're both around.....'do you mean your Ryan or my Ryan?' :0)

The officer (in the Salvation Army that's what they call our pastors) saying all the right words....Bob is retired now but very graciously agreed to come a long distance to do this...he also married Leslie and James and dedicated the other children.

Another family shot...the lady on the far left is in charge of the list of all the babies in the church...
So, it was a tiring but very good day....about 45 came back to the house for was worth it staying up til 2 a.m. cleaning the house! :0)

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Valid Concern

Good Morning Company Girls!

As any of you know that have read my blog before....I have nine children. The first two are birth and the next seven are adopted. I mention the adopted part because it has to do with what I'm going to share with you.....

Four of our adopted children are half siblings.....they all have the same birth mom.....2 of these children are severely intellectually delayed. Even though they have the bodies of an 18 yr old young man and a 13, almost 14 year old teen age girl.......they are really a 6 yr old boy and a 3 yr old girl.

Ben's (the young man) birth father had his wife call our house this week....out of the blue...just like that. They'd like a visit with Ben. My husband was unsure of what to say to them. You see, even though legally he's our son...well, he is age to have contact with his birth family if he so chooses. Ben has never mentioned his birth family...he's lived with us full time since he turned 3 and last saw his birth father when he was 8 yrs old. The wife said she was going to call the adoption worker today to see what she says.......well I had a long talk with the adoption worker yesterday......she is going to encourage them to have a meeting with her where hopefully she can convince these people that this would be very confusing for Ben and not in Ben's best interests at all.

I have a very valid concern about this whole situation.......there is a reason why children come into care...there is as reason why those children are no longer with their birth family ......theses reasons rarely's not like on television where the adopted child meets the birth family and it's a wonderful reunion and everyone lives happily ever's been our personal experience in our family that it usually has a very negative traumatic effect on the adopted child......on our child....we are the ones that have parented our children all these years.....through the happy times, the sad, teary times,...and yes, the fights and arguments time...all of it.......though sickness and health, til death do us part...that's the commitment that we made......

If you would be so kind as to remember this situation and when the Lord brings it to mind, to please pray about it, I and my husband would be truly grateful.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

His Grandma says he's a cutie pie!

Well, my niece and her husband made me a great aunt...again...yesterday. I've been a great aunt for a number of years nephew and his wife started it off....about ten years ago, I believe. It wasn't until yesterday when my daughter...who gets relationships confused quite easily, said 'so am I an aunt to this new baby?'.....and I explained...'no, a cousin'. She said ...'well, what are you to the baby'....'I'm a great aunt'......when you ponder those words it really does give you pause. Now really...when you were younger did you have the same impression that I have in my brain of what a great aunt is supposed to look like? In my imagination...great aunts always wore silky dresses with crocheted collars(which she crocheted herself.....I don't crochet) and her gray hair is pulled back in a bun...well I have the grey hair but it's always short.....and she always smells of old rose smell perfume. I can't afford any perfume so hopefully I still smell okay! Aren't great aunts supposed to be old????? Okay, wait a minute.....just looked in the mirror and unfortunately I do qualify for that fact my bones and joints are telling me that for sure this morning....oh good grief...they've told me that every morning of my life! I am so confused!

Anyways, welcome to our crazy but very loving family Connor Douglas...we're sure glad you're here!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 17, 2007

Dear Company Girls ~

The year on my post is not a typo.....two years ago my fifth grandchild was due to be born.....unfortunately, a few months earlier the Lord welcomed little Hayden Jack into His presence.
It was the Christmas time the year before that we had a little memorial service at our home with family and friends. The pastor that had married my daughter and her husband and had dedicated their first three children came and said a few lovely words of comfort...and we played a piece of the group Mercy called I Can Only we all sat there and pictured little Hayden dancing with Jesus. During these difficult weeks, there was a song playing on the radio, with it being the Christmas season....not a religious song but a song that the Lord used to speak to me...we often hear it during the Christmas's called Please Celebrate Me Home.......not all the lyrics fit but that phrase just kept replaying in my mind, through my tears, that even though I really wanted to be holding Hayden that he was really saying to me....'nana, please just celebrate me's okay nana.'

Well, a week from this Sunday we're planning on having a dedication. Jairus, Honour, Verity and little Hayden, have a little sister named've seen her picture here many times before...she's a cutie.....and we'll have a time of celebration...and as the proud nana and papa of these little ones, it will surely be a joyul time. We also will be celebrating the announcement that we heard last weekend...eldest son Ryan and his wife, Lord willing, will have a little one to cuddle and hold by the end of November. We are excited!

Little Hayden, we always remember you...dancin' with Jesus.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Sunny Easter.....

Good Friday morning Company Girls!

Today is a beautiful sunny day in my 'neck of the woods'.....which is an interesting phrase when you think of it......I live near an escarpment but not necessarily a woods...anyways it's a lovely day.
The weekend promises to be busy.....this morning I got up early to drive my mom to get her hair done....normally my dad would do this but for the last few weeks he's had a virus that impacted his inner ear giving him balance he can't drive. Then, in a little while my hubby and I will go and pick up both parents to drive them to my dad's sister and her husband have been doing this job for the last few weeks but I was glad to take our turn since hubby is home for the holiday. Tomorrow is our last Financial Peace University class and I promised to make potato salad for the potluck afterward. Then Sunday I plan on doing a roast beef dinner for Monday I think I shall be in a daze....recovering.....I love having everyone home but it does take it's toll on this old body!

I was thinking about Easter when I was a child I drove home from the Walmart, after spending a small fortune on chocolate for the kids. I don't have memories of a lot of chocolate when I was a kid but I do remember new shoes....and socks.....bought especially for Easter...sometime the shoes were white and sometimes they were black sister and I would try them on many times before the big day and I just loved the smell....nothing smelt grander then a new pair of shoes. On Easter morning we would eagerly put on our new socks and shoes...still in our pyjamas and clump noisily down the stairs for breakfast! It's the greatest memory! I'm sure it wouldn't mean the same for the kids of today...pity...they miss out on so much!

Well I wish you all a very Happy Easter as we remember the true meaning of Easter...not the chocolate, or the new shoes....not even getting together for a big family dinner .....but of course, the death and resurrection of our much He gave for little we are able to do for Him.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Highway of Heroes

Good Day Company Girls! I'm writing this on Thursday because I hope to get out the door as soon as possible tomorrow because it's my day off!!!!!

Before I forget, my eldest daughter has joined a writing group...she goes under the name Hadassah Ryan......she always wanted to name one of her kids Hadassah...if you have a moment then check it out...she's pretty good if I do say so...and the articles are interesting....

Last Saturday, I had quite an experience. I had to take one of my daughters for a job interview, for a summer position at a camp...(poor kid just found out yesterday that she didn't get it). Anyways, on the way back home we were driving on a major highway, or freeway as they call them in the states....and we began to see a lot of police cars, emergency vehicles...all with their light flashing....,the further on we went we saw people, pulled over to the side of the road and standing outside their vehicles....they were all staring at the roadway behind me. At first, I thought..'has their been some disaster that I don't know about?' we travelled along my daughter said...'what is it?'...I said well, the only thing I can think of is that a soldier is being brought see....when a Canadian soldier is killed in Afghanistan, he (or she)is brought home to one of the military bases. My son had to do his turn at duty at the military base once...he says he never wants to do it's quite sobering. Then they are taken by car to a major city (Toronto) for the autopsy...from there, they are driven to their hometown for burial. The highway from the military base to Toronto has been named the Highway of Heroes...and I've seen the news clips of all the people, standing in respect on the overpasses, waiting for the Hearst to go by.

I've never personally witnessed it.

We don't live near that stretch of highway, but one of the soldiers, recently killed lives down the highway in a town in the Niagara area......just past where I live.

My daughter asked if we were going to pull over....I said no...I wanted to get home.....but with each overpass that we went under, I felt my emotions filling up inside son is in the army.....fortunately, for me...he hasn't been deployed yet...but I couldn't help the overwhelming feeling that came over me as the tears rolled down my face......I prayed for the family that was dealing with this devastation right now......and as we came to our exit,...I pulled over...and waited.

About 20 minutes later, the small convoy of police cars and the Hearst came felt compelled to get out of your vehicle and silently, respectfully watch it go by.

It was a sobering sight.......when I returned home, I immediately sought out my husband and told him what I had witnessed...I needed a hug.

I tried to put a link to the Highway to Heroes but was unsuccessful...but if you google it you can see what I'm talking about.

My son has a bumper sticker on his truck that says something like this........If you can't stand behind our troops then feel free to stand in front of I hate the fighting, the war...the killing...but we have to support these people that are willing to do it so we can live in our country.