Friday, April 10, 2009

A Sunny Easter.....

Good Friday morning Company Girls!

Today is a beautiful sunny day in my 'neck of the woods'.....which is an interesting phrase when you think of it......I live near an escarpment but not necessarily a woods...anyways it's a lovely day.
The weekend promises to be busy.....this morning I got up early to drive my mom to get her hair done....normally my dad would do this but for the last few weeks he's had a virus that impacted his inner ear giving him balance he can't drive. Then, in a little while my hubby and I will go and pick up both parents to drive them to my dad's sister and her husband have been doing this job for the last few weeks but I was glad to take our turn since hubby is home for the holiday. Tomorrow is our last Financial Peace University class and I promised to make potato salad for the potluck afterward. Then Sunday I plan on doing a roast beef dinner for Monday I think I shall be in a daze....recovering.....I love having everyone home but it does take it's toll on this old body!

I was thinking about Easter when I was a child I drove home from the Walmart, after spending a small fortune on chocolate for the kids. I don't have memories of a lot of chocolate when I was a kid but I do remember new shoes....and socks.....bought especially for Easter...sometime the shoes were white and sometimes they were black sister and I would try them on many times before the big day and I just loved the smell....nothing smelt grander then a new pair of shoes. On Easter morning we would eagerly put on our new socks and shoes...still in our pyjamas and clump noisily down the stairs for breakfast! It's the greatest memory! I'm sure it wouldn't mean the same for the kids of today...pity...they miss out on so much!

Well I wish you all a very Happy Easter as we remember the true meaning of Easter...not the chocolate, or the new shoes....not even getting together for a big family dinner .....but of course, the death and resurrection of our much He gave for little we are able to do for Him.


She's So There said...

I love hearing of your life and days...thank you for sharing your heart and happenings with me! Easter is my favorite time of year...for Christ faced the worst of humankind, and they did their best, but yet He lives! Gives me hope for my future to know God is God and all is okay!

Reese said...

Happy Easter!!!

Lisa said...

Happy Easter!

Gayla said...

Hi there! I enjoyed the visit! It sounds as if you're going to need a big rest on Monday! My Mom may have to start dialysis soon. I too have some of those same childhood memories of Easter. One of mine has to do with dress that my Nannie made me. It was out of dotted swiss material. I can still smell it after all these years. God bless you this Easter weekend and always!

Mommahen said...

What a sweet memory. I remember my grandma hiding the eggs in her front yard over and over and over again. I did not know the Lord until I was 12 (we didn't start attending church until I was about 10). So Easter as a child was not what it is for me now. And as a parent, I can not take the Lord's supper anymore without crying. I am so glad He doesn't stop teaching, working on our hearts, just because we get older.

I bet your roast beef dinner will be wonderful!

Happy Easter!

joyceandnorm said...

The weather is clearing up here too.

Sounds like a busy weekend for you. Now I want some roast beef. =p

Thanks for sharing your Easter memory too! My sister's boyfriend did a little Easter egg hunt for Melody yesterday, and she had a lot of fun. We're going to a hunt at the park tomorrow....same one I did when I was a kid, but they changed to a different park in recent years. I'm excited to talk to Melody about Easter...maybe she will understand it a little more this year. =)

L2L said...

This year I made my daughter's Easter dress. I hope one day she has fond memories of Easters as well. And I am so thankful that there has not been a single Easter in my oldest son's memory that dose not include going to church!!!!

mholgate said...

18??? Wow! You are my heroine! It looks like we're having 13, but 7 of that is us. :)

My DH and I were discussing Easter this year and what to do for the kids' baskets. 5 baskets can get pretty spendy. He reminded me that he never got toys in his basket when he was a kid. Come to think of it, neither did I, but I'm so tired of all the candy that comes with each and every holiday.

We decided to keep it to jelly beans in plastic eggs (so we can hide them) and then I picked up 4 small items each at the dollar store. Since we're re-using our eggs from last year and I can put the jelly beans in my grocery budget, I only spent $20.

The important thing is that they know what the true meaning of Easter is. Anything else is just fun family traditions. :)

Happy Easter!