Wednesday, April 22, 2009

His Grandma says he's a cutie pie!

Well, my niece and her husband made me a great aunt...again...yesterday. I've been a great aunt for a number of years nephew and his wife started it off....about ten years ago, I believe. It wasn't until yesterday when my daughter...who gets relationships confused quite easily, said 'so am I an aunt to this new baby?'.....and I explained...'no, a cousin'. She said ...'well, what are you to the baby'....'I'm a great aunt'......when you ponder those words it really does give you pause. Now really...when you were younger did you have the same impression that I have in my brain of what a great aunt is supposed to look like? In my imagination...great aunts always wore silky dresses with crocheted collars(which she crocheted herself.....I don't crochet) and her gray hair is pulled back in a bun...well I have the grey hair but it's always short.....and she always smells of old rose smell perfume. I can't afford any perfume so hopefully I still smell okay! Aren't great aunts supposed to be old????? Okay, wait a minute.....just looked in the mirror and unfortunately I do qualify for that fact my bones and joints are telling me that for sure this morning....oh good grief...they've told me that every morning of my life! I am so confused!

Anyways, welcome to our crazy but very loving family Connor Douglas...we're sure glad you're here!

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