Thursday, April 30, 2009

YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!

Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!

Just got the call this morning that my youngest, whom I've been homeschooling this year has been accepted into a special class, in the class of our choice, which happens to be in the school of our choice. Words cannot describe the relief that I felt when I got the call....just this morning I had been praying about it all....this last week has been particularly difficult homeschooling Megan.......I will admit that when I brought it to the Lord this morning I was having a moment of, there is a light at the end of this long, long.....very long tunnel.....YES!!!!!!!

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juniper said...

Hi Mom,

I don't know if you'll still get this but I am so happy for you that things turned out so well for Megan this coming year. Praise God for answered prayer!