Friday, June 14, 2013

Blessings and Prayers

Good Morning!

At this moment I am sitting on our lanai at the beautiful Plantation Inn in Maui ......I'm enjoying the last hour before we fly to our next destination...Kauai.....sounds very glamorous I know....and it is...not my usual life of taking kids to appointments, reminding them to shower, brush their teeth...and so on, and so on.....

A week ago yesterday, we flew from Buffalo to Seattle, via a stop in Dulles airport Washington. The next day we flew to's been a wonderful week although it had a rocky start....we walked up and down Front Street of Lahaina that first afternoon, looking for a place to get supper.....hubby was very particular....he didn't want this, he didn't want menu item appealed to him at one of the beach side we ate there. It was beautiful...unfortunately whatever he ate didn't agree with him and for the next 24 hours was quite ill...fortunately, he recovered and the rest of the week went quite well. Tuesday we travelled up in elevation so he could go Ziplining! He was so excited! I really can't take heights...they had to cross an Indiana Jones type bridge....and I didn't think my hands could handle the ropes and such so I stayed in the car and read and quilted....I was happy, he was all worked out....guess that's why we've been together almost 43 years....40 this Sunday as husband and wife....

Tuesday, hubby had booked himself into a semi submerginal boat to go and see the sights below water, while I did a walk down Front street, checking out some shops.
In the evening we attended a luau! What an experience that was....the dancers, both men and women were amazing !

Wednesday we went to another town and found a quilt shop where I was able to buy some material to make a Hawaiian style quilt.....very exciting but very intimidating requires a LOT of material, and I can't come back and get more if I mess up!

Yesterday, we just took it easy...the temps here have been in the nineties so it doesn't take much for you to feel fatigued....
We've loved staying here in Maui...our room was perfect, I wish I could take it home...complete with the beautiful lanai with the cushioned wicker's truly been a delight.

It's been a long road, saving for this trip but well worth it to celebrate our fortieth wedding many blessings and so many reasons to enjoy being with each other.....the prayer part of my post is asking for prayers for my brother in law, husband of my sister....just two days before we left, he was taken into the hospital with severe back didn't take the doctors long to find out that the pain that the family doctor thought was a bulging disc pressing on the nerves was actually cancer. Since then they've found it in several places in his body, biopsy results are still pending to finalize just what kind of cancer it is. To say my sister and her husband are in shock is putting it one even considered that this was a possibility......please pray for Adele and Dave as they to through this nightmare.

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