Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stow Away!

Good Morning company Girls!

Well, once again I'm doing my post on Thursday night because I have to be at the local childrens hospital by 8:15a.m. tomorrow! Our youngest, Megan was born with a fairly serious heart condition and once a year she must go through multiple testing to see if it's still functioning properly. Then they will send her home wearing a heart monitor halter, that she will wear for 24 hours. Then ...we go all the way back to the hospital on Saturday for them to remove it. Fun times! So, I thought I'd better get my post done tonight.....

It's been quite a week, getting back into the routine of things...although things changed a little since my son-in-law and three of my grandchildren form same family came down with the flu....this impacted me, besides being concerned for my grandkids because Maya, my almost 18 year old usually stays at their house during the week to be closer to her co-op school program...she can walk from their house, whereas from here it's a half hour drive.....anyways, Maya was unsure of staying at eldest daughters since they seemed to be dropping like flies, so she's been staying here and I and hubby have been getting her to co-op and picking her up....sure does eat up your your day!

My mom and dad are still being difficult in our attempts to get them into the retirement dad really wants to but doesn't like to distress mom...she refuses to go....her dementia has changed her tremendously. This has been very stressful for my sister, brother and I.

One more week til Easter....eldest son, his wife and their little guy, William are suppose to be coming for the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing them! I've decided that I think Saturday will be the best day to have Easter's very difficult to have a big meal for a large number of people and have all of your activities at church in the morning too. Just toooooo exhausting! A couple of months ago I was able to give up my class to a very lovely man at our church but in the last few weeks it's become apparent to us that the littlest class of kiddies needs a teacher til the end of June and guess who's it! This is a weekend of birthdays in our son-in-law is tomorrow and on Tuesday of next week, eldest grandson Jairus will turn 9!

After Easter, hubby is suppose to fly off to California for a few days.....maybe I can stow away in his luggage! :0)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome to Florida!

Good Morning Company Girls from Orlando!

This happy foursome is our children..well, the youngest four anyways..that we chose to bring with us....that was possibility a very big mistake! We wont go into that though because hubby and I had planned and saved for this trip for almost a year.....and I for one and hubby also are glad we came. Ever since I was a child, and there was only a Disneyland in California, I always wanted to go to Disney but never thought I'd ever get the chance to go...I'm not a big amusement park ride person but just to be there was something that I found difficult to take in all at once...there was just so much going on at the same time and sooooooo many gosh, I found myself constantly counting up to four kids...I really don't know how people handle it when they have little ones.
It started out last Friday morning when we left the house just after 7:30 a.m. and arrived just inside the border of South Carolina just after 7:30 p.m. After spending the night in a hotel we set off the next morning, just after 9:00 a.m. and landed in Orlando about 5:30 p.m. We were all very weary but happy to be here!
Thanks to good friends of us who sold us some of their points in a Hilton Vacation resort, we have a beautiful 2 bedroom suite to stay in for the week. The kids love the pool and hot tub and have been in it everyday although Florida's been experiencing some pretty cool temperatures!
We did the Disney thing, and we took the kids to a new outlet mall on one of the days it was supposed to rain, but this resort has a lot of things for the kids to do so we haven't done a lot of other pricey things. Hubby and I have been able to relax and do some reading...I worked on grandson's quilt...and that's about it!
Today is our last full day in Florida,.....tomorrow morning we will start the long trek back to Ontario...wouldn't you know it...the temperatures there have been almost the same as here....they are expecting possible snow showers next Monday or Tuesday..wouldn't you know it....just when we return.... :0)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A New Occupation!

Good Morning Company Girls!

Well, actually this is Thursday evening....I'm not sure what my morning is going to bring so I thought I might be wise to try and do this post tonight.

This week has been very mom and dad have been doing quite poorly...we're not sure if my mom had the flu or food poisoning..she really hasn't been keeping track of best before dates plus I even found, in her cupboard, a frozen(no longer frozen and not smelling so great) entre. She insisted it was just fine and could still be used. My sister and I had difficulty convincing her that these must remain frozen until they're used..(or at least refrigerated!) My mom has also been very upset that home care has started this week...she's been wearing herself out trying to prove to us that she doesn't need any help. My dad spent one day, in bed, the whole day...exhausted. We were concerned because his breathing was laboured at times, making the sound suggesting congestive heart broke my heart to see him lying there with his arms up on his chest, his hands clenched under his chin...just lying there...staring at the ceiling.

Today, I had to take Emma to the dentist...less than an hour after I dropped her back at school, the school called...'would I please come and get Emma,...she had been involved in a fight', long story short....Emma's been suspended for at least 3 days....tomorrow is hubby's day off...last night he mentioned that he thought it would be nice to go to the Home and Garden show .....well, those plans are much for a day off!

On the bright side...I have a list of at least 10 things that I have decided that Emma will do during her suspension! Things that I can no longer physically washing all the windows, washing walls, out cupboards and shelves, washing and polishing the pew..yes..we have a's the seating for the one side of our dining's about 8' long and pure oak wood....with a number of grandchildren it could use a good scrubbing and polishing!

Next week, there are a few appointments and then packing! We plan, Lord willing, to be on the road, early Friday morning for Orlando, Florida! It'll take us two days to drive down there....two days down and two days back with four teenagers!!!! The place where we are going has a lot that should keep our teens busy and best of appointments! None, nada, zilch! I'm thrilled that I will have a whole week without one doctor, therapist, social worker, dentist, orthodontist, teacher...or anyone else that I've missed, appointment!

So, I hope everyone has a great weekend...I'll be doing my best impression of a mother turned suspension should do a lot to improve my relationship with Emma! Ah...don't you love being a parent!