Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stow Away!

Good Morning company Girls!

Well, once again I'm doing my post on Thursday night because I have to be at the local childrens hospital by 8:15a.m. tomorrow! Our youngest, Megan was born with a fairly serious heart condition and once a year she must go through multiple testing to see if it's still functioning properly. Then they will send her home wearing a heart monitor halter, that she will wear for 24 hours. Then ...we go all the way back to the hospital on Saturday for them to remove it. Fun times! So, I thought I'd better get my post done tonight.....

It's been quite a week, getting back into the routine of things...although things changed a little since my son-in-law and three of my grandchildren form same family came down with the flu....this impacted me, besides being concerned for my grandkids because Maya, my almost 18 year old usually stays at their house during the week to be closer to her co-op school program...she can walk from their house, whereas from here it's a half hour drive.....anyways, Maya was unsure of staying at eldest daughters since they seemed to be dropping like flies, so she's been staying here and I and hubby have been getting her to co-op and picking her up....sure does eat up your your day!

My mom and dad are still being difficult in our attempts to get them into the retirement dad really wants to but doesn't like to distress mom...she refuses to go....her dementia has changed her tremendously. This has been very stressful for my sister, brother and I.

One more week til Easter....eldest son, his wife and their little guy, William are suppose to be coming for the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing them! I've decided that I think Saturday will be the best day to have Easter's very difficult to have a big meal for a large number of people and have all of your activities at church in the morning too. Just toooooo exhausting! A couple of months ago I was able to give up my class to a very lovely man at our church but in the last few weeks it's become apparent to us that the littlest class of kiddies needs a teacher til the end of June and guess who's it! This is a weekend of birthdays in our son-in-law is tomorrow and on Tuesday of next week, eldest grandson Jairus will turn 9!

After Easter, hubby is suppose to fly off to California for a few days.....maybe I can stow away in his luggage! :0)


joyceandnorm said...

It's sounding nonstop over there. Sorry to hear about the sickness affecting your family. Yes, you must stow away and come to California to visit me. Is he going to be in Northern CA or Southern?

Ashley said...

Sounds like a busy week for you! Hope everybody is able to be illness free for Easter!

Lea said...

It definitely sounds like a trip to CA. is in order for you. WOW, just reading your blog made me tired. :o) Hope the week-end will bring restored health to the sickly and will bring you some rest and relaxation. Blessings to you!

mholgate said...

Thanks for sharing your Easter memory over at my blog. I remember the white lacy socks too. :)

I pray everyone over there is healthy soon so you can all enjoy your Easter dinner together. We will have Easter dinner Saturday night also, because my DH is in charge of Easter Sunday service.

Have a great weekend!

One More Equals Four said...

Wow, crazy around there! Hope your daughter's tests go well!

I think you need a trip to California!

Enjoy your Easter weekend with family! we will spend it with my in-laws which will be lovely, but I ouwld LOVE to be with my family!

Cari Kaufman said...

Wow! Sounds like a big week for you! Will be praying all of Megan's tests go well and the rest of your family recovers from the flu!

Have a great weekend!

bashtree said...

I hope this weekend has been full of recovery - physically AND emotionally.

Erin said...

Hope all went well with your daughter's appointment.

You drove through part of Virginia, well since it was from Florida you either drove on I-95 or I-81, if it was the later you could have waived to us from your car.

This summer we will be driving through Toronto, on our way to a camp just outside of Parry Sound. The kids are excited, as are we, the week of family camp is always fun for everyone.

Cathy said...

Praying for good reports for your daughter! Also praying for your parents. I can't imagine how tough that is. Hang in there!
Hope you can rest sometime!