Friday, July 29, 2011 I know it....

Good Morning Company Girls!

Sometimes when I write that I hear that comedian, whose name has left my memory banks at the moment declaring 'good morning Vietnam!'.....just a thot....

Well, here in Canada this weekend, it's a holiday weekend! Yay for three day weekends...not that we're going anywhere....we don't have the money to put the dogs in the kennel. Sometimes, I will admit that it's a pain in the butt...or rather the wallet, have dogs....kennel costs are exorbitant! I could go to the trailer on my own, of course, with my kids....not sure I want to do that with Emma , although she does seem to pick up unsavouries wherever she goes! When we came home from the trailer a couple of weeks ago, she went for a loooong walk and met a new friend! Now, before one gets to excited about a new friend, you have to know Emma....put Emma into a room just packed with teens and Emma will zoom in on the grodiest ones and act like they're THE most wonderful new friends in the whole world. I have learned to be skeptical . So, she has a new friend....they have become fast and furious very quickly...already she has slept over twice...and when she goes to her house she's there for hours and hours....having fun, when I skeptical brain..always on high alert when it comes to Emma...just has to think....What the Pete are they finding that's so much fun...I think the worst and justifiably so......part of me cares, part of me wants to go there and see what they are doing....the other part is relieved that she's out of the house for a few hours...and if she's drinking, smoking and drugging...then so be it.....I've fought the battle long enough.....sounds horrible doesn't hear a mom admit that...but I'm weary....

So, Ben did well with his minor surgery this week and so that just leaves Megan getting her braces off next Wednesday and baby wett being's not a typo...our last name starts with the letters Wett so it's just easier to shorten it to this for this circumstance. Other than that...I have nothing more appointments....yeah!

Last weekend we celebrated megan's sixteenth birthday....I jokingly asked her how it felt...she said, in all seriousness...that it felt different....okay, I didn't even pursue that answer.....Paul's girlfriend came and got our video camera to tape Paul's grad from artillery training on the 12th of august. Looking forward to seeing that tape!

Hoping to get some cleanup done around the house this should be a quiet one.....hopefully....unless grand baby decides he wants out....or Emma decides to go for another long walk......good grief....

Have a good one ladies!
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Friday, July 22, 2011


Good Afternoon Company Girls!!

My goodness...where to's been so long since I posted my blog that it's hard to know just what to talk about!

Well, we're well into summer aren't we....temperatures in southern Ontario have been stifling. Yesterday it was over 40 degrees Celsius...which is over 100...very hot....and you all thought Canada is a cold country!

Three weeks ago we went up to the trailer for a couple of weeks....the first week it was just Don and I and the kids ..that was a trial since Emma didn't behave herself....we even had a set of parents come to us to 'gently inform' us of her inappropriate behaviour. They meant well, and were understanding about it was still hard to take. The second week we had daughter-in-law Jennifer and grandson William come and was wonderful tp get to know our grandson better but it certainly was different having a 19 month old running around all the time...nana and papa got a workout for sure!

The third week I was suppose to stay up there, by myself with the three kids, for the week...but after the stunts Emma pulled the first week, her non cooperation the second week...I preferred not to handle the third week on my own, so I came home.

Now, we are awaiting the birth of grandson number four...William's little brother due on August the third. Jenn's mom will probably stay a few days then the plan is for me to go up for some time, to help out.

This Sunday is Megan's 16th say that she's excited is an understatement! She's asked me at least five times in the last week and a few times the week before 'when are you getting my cake' exasperation I replied...'Megan, in all the birthdays that you've had here have I ever forgotten your birthday cake?' "No'....'well, then I think you can count on me getting one this time!' Jenn suggested that the next time she brings it up I should write it on a piece of paper and when she wants to ask the question just tell her to look at the paper! I thought it was a great idea!

Next week Ben is having some minor surgery and then the following week, the same day that grandbaby is due, Megan is supposed to get her braces off...cue the Hallelujah chorus!!!

Son Paul, who you may remember rejoined the Canadian Army....has been down in another province, New Brunswick, doing some more training..this time in artillery (before it was infantry)...girlfriend Sara, who's in daily contact with him, says he's doing great and enjoying himself. He's supposed to graduate on August the 12th, I believe....I really wish I had the extra funds to go and see him graduate...I've been at the last two but this one is kind of out of our price range this time...over $500 for the flight and then you have the hotel and food costs....and perhaps car rental.....probably closed to $1000 by the time you're done....oi vey....why does everything have to cost so much.....

What happened to summer holidays being the days of slow and easy? I much preferred those the days just seem to be chomping at the bit to run on to September!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Maybe that's not such a bad least the kids are back to school! :0)