Friday, March 22, 2013

Thinking inside my head....

Good Morning Company Girls....I sit here this morning without much to say...I know!....very odd.!
There are many things going thru my head...some things I could share,...others I just need to keep tucked away for,..what to talk about.....
Well, start at the top.....hubby is ending his second week back at work.....except for him having the actual surgery, it was lovely having him home for seven weeks....a little touch of retirement, which unfortunately will be at least five years coming the next big thing, getting away in June for our fortieth wedding anniversary! Yes, forty years...hard to believe.....hubby has been busy planning, researching(he loves that part...I think he should become a travel agent when he retires) the best deals....places to stay, car rentals, airplane flights.....he's been waiting for our income tax return to come in so he could book our flights....he spent a whole evening, coordinating times and such, going back and forth between two airlines to get the best deal....he loved it! He 's a crazy guy!

Things have been very busy with the at home kids.....Megan , our youngest , will be 18 this July and because she's developmentally delayed will qualify for something called's a pension from the government for people that have difficulty functioning in the general populace because of their disability.
This application involves an interview with an ODSP social worker, copious paperwork to be filled out, a trip to the family doctor for him to fill out more forms...then finally , mailing it all into the government for their approval! It's kind of involved....I already did it a few years ago for son Ben, so I had a little idea of the involvement....but, it's like child forget the nasty stuff! So, Megan is done, but, since daughter Maya had her breakdown at Christmas and really can't work right now, in fact were not sure if she ever will, we are doing the same application for her ...which meant another visit to the ODSP office, another doctors appointment, filling out more papers, looking up testing reports in her file to submit...and on and on it goes....
Ben is completing his bus training course....a course that teaches people with developmental delays how to safely negotiate the public transit system in our city. Ben has done very well and is enjoying his independence! He's also been working with an employment coach to hopefully get another job that gives him more than his two 3 hour shifts at the local drug store.

Maya is still recovering and at this moment , not doing too badly....except for driving her mother crazy! She spends a lot of time on her computer, more than I would's a fine line between gently pushing her to do stuff and taking a step back, without too much pressure.

So, the next week....hubby goes out to California from early Monday to a late return on Wednesday night...for business,...unfortunately, since it's such a brief trip there won't be much time for relaxation...except for maybe the long flights! I'm just hoping he doesn't overdo...

Then, onto Easter! We're looking forward to it.....not only for the significance of the celebration in remembering what The Lord sacrificed for us, but having family come together, have dinner together and just enjoy each other. Since our Christmas kind of didn't exist when Maya became ill, we are really looking forward to it.

So, hopefully next week will be a time of cleaning and preparations for a time of coming together....a time of being thankful for what we have come thru and what is to come.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Good Morning Company Girls! I'm awake relatively early this morning so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to do a post!

Things have been quiet this week....which has been lovely....not to say that things haven't been happening.......

Today is hubby's last official day at home, recovering from his surgery he had in the middle of January.....when I looked ahead at that point I, two months is a very long'll seem like forever! .....and here it is, almost two months, shy a week and it seems like it's just flown by!

This past few weeks , when hubby has been up to it and my schedule has permitted, we've been trying to do a few things just for us to get out on our own...last week we visited with old friends who just moved back to the was a lovely day to catch up on news of family and friends.....another thing we did was visit an English tea shop in a little town that borders the bigger one that we live was really nice....hubby had the soup of the day and I had one of their famous scones with clotted cream and jam....delicious...I'd never had clotted cream before and I really don't want to google it and find out what it really would spoil the memory I'm sure!

Yesterday, was a rainy/snowy day here...we did have plans to go to a small town we love to visit , down Niagara way, but we decided to change that jaunt til tomorrow when the weather is suppose to be beautiful! So, instead we went on a window shopping time to Costco and Ikea.....sometimes it's nice to just go and see what's out there! I also got son Ben his birthday gift for Monday! Good grief...he'll be 22 years old! Time does fly, I said to hubby yesterday...that means that Ben started coming around our home and family close to twenty years about time flying!

Ben and Maya have plans to go away this weekend with the youth from the church on a sounds like the weather will be quite lovely for it. Hubby and I decided to take advantage of the fact that we'd only have one kid in the house, so hubby asked eldest daughter if she could have her sister for the weekend.....she said Yes! Thank you Leslie! We are really looking forward to the time on our own.....the last six months have been brutal what with hubby being diagnosed with Crohn's disease, me falling and breaking my wrist, hubby having two hospital in October and the other in November....Emma having a horrible miscarriage in December.....then Maya being hospitalized on Christmas Day for three weeks with a breakdown, then three days after she was released then hubby had his bowel resection to remove the diseased parts caused by the Crohn's!......yes, as I said...brutal and exhausting...but The Lord brought us thru it and we are grateful....

This week, my sister left for her semi-annual jaunt to seems that every time she leaves something happens to do with our mom....sister is the primary caretaker of our mom...she does a great brother and I help as we can but sister and hubby are retired so they have a little more available time.....when she leaves then the everyday tasks fall to brother and I.....before she left, she called with the news that the retirement home, where mom lives is under quarantine! They have the Norwalk virus.....nasty virus that hits people quite severely in hospital or elderly, that meant that brother and I couldn't visit and check on her all week.....unfortunately when I called there yesterday, the nurse said that my mom also came down with it that is worse....we can't even help her...fortunately the staff there are really good and our taking good care of her....12 out of the 40 residents have it.....and they said the quarantine won't be lifted til five days after the last this rate , sister will be back from her trip before we get into see mom!

So, next week should be interesting...hubby returns to work, youngest daughter is at home for March may be a very long week..... :-(

So, hope you all have a wonderful weekend....hubby and I hope to enjoy the quiet....we can't afford to go away anywhere but the house should be empty of kids and that's a, the quiet will hopefully be quite lovely!

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