Monday, June 15, 2009


A year ago we were here....beautiful, gorgeous, peaceful Bermuda! It was the best time of the year to go...lovely and warm and the humidity was just starting up when we left. We timed it to be there for our anniversary...which is tomorrow, and it was everything you could have hoped and dreamed of.
Unfortunately, it will be many years before we can afford to go's a good thing we have memories and beautiful pictures to dream about.....perchance to let your mind enjoy.

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anne bebbington said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog after following the link from Kim's (eyebrow hair)- lovely to find this post on Bermuda - we went there for our honeymoon almost eighteen years ago - your photos brought back wonderful memories - ours are all pre-digital and somewhere stored in a box so not easily accessible - I would have replied to your comment on my blog but you're set to 'non-reply' Small world knowing someone with the same name :o)