Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our Son

One of my sons came to live with us when he was 2-1/2 yrs old. He was this tiny little guy with huge dark eyes, a lot of black curly hair and the fattest cheeks you'd ever see. We called them chipmunk cheeks! Even at a young preschool age he had some anger problems....Children's Aid said...put him into preschool...that will didn't, but we did notice some learning difficulties. While he was growing up he was on multiple medications for ADHD while he struggled with his learning disabilities. When he was seventeen, he left home...determined that there was a better life out there without the rules and consequences of living in our family. We finally figured out that it wasn't ADHD that he had all these years but something much more devastating...Fetal Alcohol Syndrome . We had been told that his birth mother spent a lot of time in the bars while pregnant...slowly damaging our son's brain for good...never to be recovered. While on his own, he had difficulty holding a job so he turned to the 'easy' way...illegal activities.....dealing drugs, growing pot, stealing, the midst of it all he met a girl and fathered a child, a little boy. He also started drinking...a lot....and now he's an alcoholic and.... now he's in jail. There's a court hearing tomorrow morning and if my eldest isn't in labour, my husband and I plan to be there....because...even though he's done a lot of bad things and made a lot of poor choices while on his own in the last seven years....he's still our son.


Ronalee said...

Good for you my friend.... and I will pray for a miracle for your son!! AND for patience and wisdom for you!

J9 said...

I hadn't heard...shows how out-of-touch I am out here...we'll keep praying for him, and for the rest of you as well.