Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Something to look forward to.....

Well, Tuesday here in my little neck of the woods has dawned grey and cool. Yesterday, was beautiful, sunny and warm...go figure...I guess that's spring for you. I had a very exhausting day yesterday, nothing I want to repeat or even talk about.....I'm praying that today is a lot brighter than the weather. I really need to get more work done on my quilt...I've been working on a piece for about three months...of course working as well on new grandbaby's quilt, which I got done the weekend before she was born....so, now full speed on this other quilt. It's for good friends of ours who are getting married the end of June. I have a funny feeling I'll be taking it on our holiday to work on it during some relaxing moments! Speaking of our holiday.....I got into a little hot water for not mentioning about it before this...next month my hubby and I will be celebrating (Lord willing, as my papa used to say) our 35th wedding anniversary in ....Bermuda! Ten years ago we were very fortunate...due to a tiny inheritence ...to go to Bermuda for our 25th, and I always said that I'd love to go back for our 35th....so, it didn't look like that was going to happen....renovations (which we did two summers ago....the costs go on forever, and you're paying for them forever!) although nice to enjoy the results of, really cramp the budget! Well, my very sweet mother-in-law decided that we desreved this trip and was very generous.....so the tickets are purchased...the reservations are made......Don and I are in countdown mode!

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