Sunday, May 18, 2008


Ah...Sunday is done! Not that I don't like Sundays but this particular one, in my mind, signified the end of a tumultuous two weeks! The best part is that tomorrow is a holiday! Bonus!!! I figure I'll do nothing, nada......a big fat zero....doesn't it sound glorious?

Today was a busy day...of course, church in the morning....than ...thirteen for lunch (which was okay cause everyone kinda gets their own.....then seventeen for ice cream and birthday cake in the afternoon....then fifteen for a sit down supper of lasagna, veal and ceasar salad. Of course if you want to include new grandbaby Afton, you can add one more to all those numbers..although Leslie looks after the food for her and she really doesn't have a place at the table yet. Have I told you just how beautiful my new grandbaby is.....we were actually looking at pictures of Verity, Afton's older sister, and it's quite amazing how much they look alike when you compare new born pics!
So, in the last two weeks, I gained a daughter, and lost same daughter(Tatum flew back to British Columbia this morn), I gained a grand daughter, my second oldest son spent a week in jail, another son came home for the weekend from the army (he's also on standby to go to Burma, when things open up there to allow any help to come,..not too much stress!)
and my husband developed pneumonia! This is why I'm looking forward to tomorrow and doing absolutely, realistically, it's probably not going to happen.......but it's nice to think about it.

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