Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pain...a lot of pain.....oh no...

Tonight I am in a lot of pain....I made the mistake of thinking that I could handle our very strong, very rambunctious, 66 lb., Old English Sheepdog to the vet to get his needles...all by first clue was when I tried to get him to the was more like him taking he was dragging me across the grass, I could feel my right arm being stretched long past it's capacity for stretching.....right up to my shoulder and down my back. As I was driving to the vet, berating myself up one side and down the other for being so stupid,....I thought....oh, no what do I do when I get to the vet......well, Reilly and I made it through...but now my body is screaming at me, telling me to get myself into a nice warm, epsom salt year.....Don's doing vet days are done!

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