Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Actually, it wasn't too started with one of my kids bringing my husband and I tea and toast in bed. My poor hubby who has been fighting off a cold like virus all week, overdid it in yard work yesterday and couldn't get up this morning with a bed headache and stuffy nose so he stayed home from church. Two of the kids gave me cards and gifts they had made at of the cards was actually bang on in describing me which I was surprised at because it came from my youngest. Apparently, her E.A. helped her ....I thought one of the lines was really good and it pleased me that it made an impression on her delayed, confused brain....she said, in describing me, 'she loves my daddy and all her children'....that about sums up my life.....and that is good.
The rest of the day went well....amazing blue (!!!) roses from my daughter and her boyfriend, really neat coasters from the boyfriend (he's a keeper!), a phone call from my son in the army, a beautiful card with lovely words from eldest new momma daughter, a visit and gift from the son who just got out of jail, and a phone call from eldest son, who's usually here but couldn't make it this time.......a takeout supper that I didn't have to cook...and the day was complete!
It's like the little plaque that Lauren gave Don and I yesterday ~

Family ~ All because two people fell in love ~

That's us.

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Ronalee said...

Mine wasn't bad either.... got back with the 10 teens at about 11:30am... dropped all but 1 off at the designated drop off (the 1 couldn't reach his parents so had to come home with us). Got home to a clean house (thanks to my 12 years old). Shawn and Olivia had gone to get me a couple hanging plants. My mom came out and brought me son finished a coffee table that was actually for mothers day last year... and Olivia made me a beautiful top 6 list of why I was the best mom... and gave me some coupons.. that I have to use by the end of summer.... provided she is not busy with her friends at FH!!
Went to bed at 6....all in all.. mine was good too.. MAYBE we are on an up swing?!??!