Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh, well......

Well, this isn't a Monday, but it sure feels like a Monday...I guess cause we had a holiday yesterday.....and it's one of those days when everything is going wrong.......after a very busy number of weeks I was looking forward to a quiet one.....not to be the case,...this afternoon I called the kennel to see if the dogs could go in there for Saturday so that we could finally get up to the trailer and get it opened for the season.....the kennel said...'and are they all up to date for their vacinations?'...I said, 'one is and one isn't'....'well, that means that the one that needs them has to have them no later than Wednesday so that they're in his system 72 hours before their incarceration'....so, I call the vet, who is all booked up...I beg...I plead...and they said they'll try to slip him in tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile the furnace guy came to clean the furnace and install whatever. The trouble is my husband cleared all the stuff from around the furnace and left all the stuff around the oil tank...'well', says the guy...'I need to get at the oil tank to change the filter'.so there I am moving boxes and bins and hearing my dogs going crazy upstairs cause they just want to come down and eat the furnace guy! When he was almost done the cleaning..he calls me...Miss...miss...now I haven't been called miss for some time,..but anyways, I go down to see what he wanted...'well, we have a little problem here..I accidently nicked your AC'...'oh, really'...'ya, and the guy can come on Saturday to solder it'....okay, so this Saturday, the one that I just arranged for kennel and vet appts so we could get up to the trailer, Saturday...yep, that's the one. 'Well, sir, do you have any idea at what time on Saturday, because we plan on going up north'.....well, no he doesn't (of course he doesn't).....maybe the guy could come on Friday says he...and I say 'well that would be great'...(mentally thinking..well,..there goes another day)....then before he leaves, I say 'well do you have any idea what time on Friday'....gets me a look and that all too famous question...'oh, why do you work??????' DO I WORK!!!!!! No, I just sit around eating bonbons and watching soap operas all day.....that's what I was thinking..but I said, no, my daughter just had a baby and I've been going up and helping her so I have to know what time...the guy says, okay...well I'll have 'the girl' call you and if he's not available then Monday....alrighty then.....meanwhile, while the guy is here, driving my dogs crazy, I make a call to the mother of my grandson (ex of my son Corey, who was just in jail) to try to arrange a visit for my son and his son for this Sunday...I have to be the go-between cause there can be no contact betwen the two....so, all in all a wonderful day....at least we found out that Tatum did make it back to B.C., although we haven't heard from her personally , I can rest easy knowing she's not wondering around Edmonton somewhere with a confused look on her face! Oh, yes....#4 daughter is annoyed with me cause I wont go to the mall to exchange a pair of shoes that I got her on Saturday (how did I know that her feet had grown!)...I had intended to take her until she gave me that cat like sound when I told her not to do something....I told her that her disrespectfulness just cancelled her trip to the mall...she's gone for a walk.....oh well.

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