Thursday, May 15, 2008


Twenty-eight years ago we moved into this house. Two years ago we put an addition on it, having nine kids puts you in the position of needing more space, especially when you start having grandchildren. My bedroom has been painted once in all that time and that was only on three walls. The fourth wall has wallpaper on was there when we moved in....I have no idea when the previous owners put it, isn't that the grossest thing you ever did hear? I don't know where the years have gone....with looking after all the kids, plus about fifteen we didn't adopt......and trying to make the rest of the house look halfway decent...our room was forgotten. The last few months I've really wanted to do something....I've gone through many colour schemes, watched numerous designer does anyone afford Sarah Richardson from Design Inc. anyhow? It's a small bedroom...bedrooms in bungalows built fifty some odd years ago were built quite I don't think Sarah would come....but it would nice. I would keep my's a nice bed...we got it when my daughter got married twelve years ago...but the dressers go with the old bed.....the night tables aren't really night tables....I took the sliding doors off my double size closet when we were doing the additions......the attic access is in the ceiling of our closet and the workers had to get up to the attic several times so it was easier to take the doors off. I decided to leave the doors off...I never really liked them.....I want bi-fold doors and a closet organizer...just like they have in the magazines........ many other things that take a priority....maybe this summer....maybe this fall......
.....or probably not at all.....but it's nice to dream.

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