Friday, May 30, 2008


Well, today was a semi-busy day......Poor little Afton, our new grandbaby, is under the weather! It would seem that the wee one has picked up the virus that Verity had for five daughter, Leslie is getting worn out....I stopped by for a little while before I had to leave for an was sure reassuring to see little Verity looking her cheerful self again, but disturbing that Leslie's still trying to keep going with a sick child. After that it was a much needed trip to the chiropractor and then onm to the most expensive part of the day....The Quilt Shop!!!!! They were having 50% off this week...and believe me, that's important to a quilter! So, I was able to get the materials for Verity's quilt...last month I got Honour's material at another 50% off is the cutting out, and putting the quilt tops together....not my favourite part.......the cutting out part usually strains my poor muscles to the max and past, and the sewing part has to be so exact, (and anyone that knows me well, knows that I'm far from exact!) My plan(do you know that God laughs when we make plans, us mere humans!) is to get both tops put together during June and then take them to the trailer to work on over the summer.
My husband just told me yesterday that he probably wont be up to the trailer this summer very often, so I think I'll have plenty of 'alone' time to work on them.
It's nice to have something to look forward to doing that doesn't involve cooking, cleaning or laundry!
So, that was my day....and if I'm very husband and I will go grocery shopping tonight!!!!! Excitement personified!

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