Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weariness is Seeping Out My Toes......

It has been a strange week...and it's only half daughter's sister came to live with us last week and barely 24 hours after she came she declared that she was going to go back to B.C. , that she hated Ontario. Well, with an attitude like that I'm afraid it's not very conducive for entering rehab, (which she desperately needs) so this Sunday morning she will go back. A part of me is sad to see her go, is sad to realize that her brain is far too destroyed to make the best decision for herself....but the other part of me is glad. It's difficult to live with a drug addict,...... they're not rational, they're very immature.

She says she'll go to rehab when she gets home,...I hope so because it was part of her probation, if she breaches it again, it will be jail time for sure.

I just know that I'm weary.....and sad.

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