Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is normal?

My goodness the last day of July! The summer is half over! I know summer, by the calendar year goes much longer but I've had kids in school for sooooooooo long that my thinking is still geered to the summer being over when school starts!
So far, the two weeks that my husband is having here at the trailer, as his holdiday, aren't very normal. On Monday, I thought I should make a quick trip home, quick as a 2-1/4 hour drive can be and still obey the speed limits...okay, okay...I set the cruise for 10 over and kept my eyes peeled for cruisers......but still,...I got to the hospital, to see my dad, who was having a procedure done that day by noon. Then, I went back to my house where I proceeded to do about six loads of laundry....finally at about 9:30pm, I took the last load out and started out for the ride back. I was so weary by the time I left but I really wanted to get back up to my husband, so I opened a bottle of pepsi to keep me awake and set off.
When we were in Bermuda in June, we were very fortunate to meet a lot of lovely people. One couple that we talked to was a couple from the Boston fact, he plays bass trombone in the Boston Philharmonic and Boston Pops. He brought a cd with him of some of his music accompanied by his wife. It's a very soothing cd and I enjoy it immensely, so on the way back to the trailer I played it . I must admit on some of the country roads, after eleven o'clock, I find the dark roads kind of intimidating but having Doug and Pat playing on the cd player reminded me of the concert they did in Bermuda and I didn't feel so intimidated. Although, when the limo pulled out in front of me and started weaving a bit,...I stayed far back but then he pulled over and let me pass and then pulled out behind me! And he followed quite closely! I was very pleased when I pulled off the one stretch of highway for the next one that he kept going!
I finally pulled into our drive in front of our trailer at about 11:45pm. My hubby was quickly at my door, helping me out because he knew that I was worn out. After a relaxing cup of tea I was ready for bed.
Now, today is Thursday and my husband is the one who has left. He has one last class to do at the college he teaches at in the evening. Tonight is their final exam. So, he left at noon to go down to our house and cut the lawn and then go onto his class. Since this is the beginning of a holiday weekend, I imagine that it'ill be him coming in the drive at midnight tonight!
Hopefully, the rest of the holiday can go a little more normally and him and I can get some much needed rest......that is, as much rest as you can get with four teenagers and two adults in a 29' trailer!!!

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