Saturday, July 5, 2008


Well, we're here at the trailer....and the mosquitoes are plentiful!!!! I think the trailer survived yet another Canadian winter although with it being fourteen years old every year it seems to smell a little more musty when we open it up....there is one little, tiny leak in the bathroom, which I hope hubby is able to fix before he leaves tomorrow know those little leaks.....kinda grow bigger especially when Don isn't around! It never failed that whenever he went on a business trip some catastrophie would happen and I'd have to figure it out for myself! I never have a lot of confidence in these areas....Don and I have kind of, without really communicating about it, divided these areas in our household....he takes care of the house and I take care of the kids....trailer definitely falls under the house catagory!
Emma already complained that she shouldn't have to do dishes if she didn't dirty any, she said she was bored and would just hang around the trailer! I said that would be wonderful because then I'd always have someone to do dishes, sweep the floor and make the meals.......I haven't seen her since!
Tomorrow we're suppose to drive to a town about and hour and a half from here where our son Ryan lives. He called me yesterday and said 'Merry Christmas' see he started making my gift for Christmas, I believe before Christmas but didn't get it finished...well, now apparently it's done! I have no idea what it is but it's too big for him to bring to my place and now we must figure out how to get it home!........I asked him that if it was so big then how where was I suppose to put it?....he said'I have no idea'.......sigh.......he also said that it's his turn to preach at his church, so hopefully we'll get there in time for that.....
I just asked my husband if he was going to check out the water leak,....he said...'why?'....I said...'well, you know...water leaking and all'....he said...'ya, don't worry about it dear'......sigh..

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Amy L Brooke said...

Wow. 9 children!

Thanks for visiting my site. Where are the children you support?

I actually have 2. The other is a girl in Rwanda. I need to blog about her a bit!

The deal with Delia is that I know someone headed to Ecuador who also has a Compassion child there. When she meets her child, she can get the things I sent to the Compassion worker -- so it is unique opportunity. I am so thrilled to be able to do it. I'm usually limited to a bright piece of colored paper or a coloring page. I almost feel like I'm going!

Mabye someday!