Thursday, July 17, 2008


I stayed home's summer, know,.... time of lazy days, cool drinks, lounging.....NOT!!! I try very hard not to schedule appointments in the summer,......even though my kids are older, they're not the most mature group and it's usually not a good idea to leave them on their own for too long unless I want to come home to weeping and wailing and knashing of teeth! Unfortunately, doctors, dentists and therapists don't take the summer off and insist on making appointments....well, yesterday, enough was enough...,I cancelled an appointment that I felt could be put off for a few til September....and stayed home!

I've been wanting to get going on two new quilt tops for a few weeks now...yes, I said grandaughters have moved into a bunkbed and they need (want) quilts for their, if you knew my two absolutely adorable little grandgirlies, you'd know that I couldn't do just one at a time......they'd never understand why nana wasn't doing theirs but was doing sister' quilt tops! Yesterday, I started sewing,..working on and off throughout the day until after 11 p.m. and got them about half put together........I'm hoping to finish them today so that I can get to the material store tomorrow to get the batting and the backing material. Unfortunately, another appointment prevails this morning.......such is interfering with play.......I think one of these days I'll either retire or just go on strike.....ya, that's it.....these appointments really don't make that much difference do they?!......

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Angie said...

I hope you'll post pictures when you're finished!

Okay, I'm answering the question you asked me here, just in case you don't go back and check my comments on my blog. We have our milk delivered to us from a local dairy, and they provide coolers which we keep on our porch. That's all! :) It's just that like any cooler, they need to be washed. They're like your typical cooler that you'd take camping or on a picnic. There. Do you feel enlightened? :)