Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We have been doing some rearranging in our house......eldest son made me a new television cabinet that's humongous definitely required a new space in the living fact it required a new living that I would say was about three times the size of what we have.....not going to happen....we'll still be paying for the last reno for the next 23 was a lot of moving around of furniture on the weekend. One of the things that we had to move was a 6' x 6' book shelf that holds a ton of books......every book had to be taken of the shelves to move the shelf to another wall and then everything had to be put back......curiouser and was kind of the opposite of when you do the laundry and lose socks....when I put my books back on, I ended up with more books then I have spaces! Quite the conundrum!
Lately, it seems like my life has been one huge conundrum...what I thought I knew turned out not to be as it really when you're younger you can kind of roll with these revelations but us old people kind of get set in our ways.....whether it be change in your living situation or change in your mind, your takes some getting used to....time to sit back and reflect...time to look at things differently and come to different conclusions....good or bad....

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