Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do not fold, staple or mutilate........that's me...

Well, it's been a few days since my last post......crazy, crazy days.....it all started last Thursday morning with a call from my mom......my dad wasn't feeling well so she was cancelling his doctor appointment...which I know sounds like you should go to the doctor but when you're having difficulty leaving the bathroom it's a little impossible....by 4:30 pm, mom was calling me back saying dad was much worse and the dialysis unit said to take him to emergency, so I sped over to pick him up. My poor dad was in pretty rough shape, could barely walk out the door. From 5:00pm til 8:30pm, we were at the emerg, they did blood work and exrays, then they said they were sending us to another hospital a half hour away to see a surgeon! Good grief! So, off we went to the next hospital...where we sat for two hours waiting to see the surgeon that was suppose to be expecting us and then we were taken into the observation room.....well, honestly, there wasn't very much observing going on and my dad was getting quite upset and frustrated...he was exhausted and hadn't eaten most of the day plus he hadn't had any insulin......so at 1:00am, he said enough, we're leaving....boy did the nurses and doctors hop to it then....but he was determined but very polite...he just kept saying I'm very sorry but I have to go home......they got very upset with him...one nurse was downright rude and angry....but we left.
After he called his own doctor the next day and explained what happened, his own doctor got him in for a cat scat that afternoon....well they ended up keeping him for the weekend where they were pretty sure he was recovering from an infection.
Thank the Lord he's doing much better and is home.......but I'm whipped.
I came up to the trailer on Sunday and the trailer was a'rockin'.....oldest daughter and younger daughter were here with oldest daughters 4 children,....including 2 month baby......so add to that one more adult and two teenagers, rainy weather, mosquitoes galore........all in a small 29' trailer....well, I'm sure you have an imagination!
Eldest daughter, middle daughter and 4 grandbabies left today....hubby was encouraging me to come home too......but with the cost of gas and he's suppose to come up here in 3!!!!!!!more!!!!!!days!!!!!...so I decided to stick it out........

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