Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, I have had a very loooooooong week at the trailer.....really no one to talk to..except through msn and email.....I have two good friends at the trailer is still grieving the death of her husband last January, so she isn't often here and the other one has been home this week,...sick as a dog.....(how sick does a dog get anyways?) So, I have lots of time to between keeping track of the two daughters I do have with me and the daily we have sun...hurrah!
So many thoughts swirling about this head, some of them I wrote down in an email and sent to my husband, not the intended person but I wasn't sure I wanted to send it to them so I tried it out on hubby......some of them I've tried to pray about and some I've been msn-ing with a good friend about.
So I've been alone but not lonely...believe me my thoughts have kept me pretty good company...or bad....have you ever wanted to tell your thoughts to take a hike that you were tired of them!
I'll be glad to see my hubby.

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