Thursday, July 3, 2008

Forced Holiday

I have to go away this, I don't want to...I have see we are extremely fortunate to have our trailer residing at a Christian campground about 2-1/4 hours drive from here...we pay a LOT of money that comes out of our income tax refund for the priveledge of having our trailer there. Now normally everyone looks forward to going there....the kids start talking about it just after Christmas. It really is a good place to take your family to....a lot of activities to keep everyone occupied and any other year it has been really good to get back up renew acquantances and friends from last summer and just to relax a little. The trouble is that this year my husband has to work....and when he could get a few days off....there isn't any room at the kennel for my dogs....anyone interested in dog sitting? So, this means I have to go away.......I don't have a really big house....I don't even have a big house....but the thought of 'relaxing' by myself, with three teens (one is going to help eldest daughter at a music camp for the week, or else there would be four) in a 29' trailer is definitely not my idea of a good time!, don't mind me while I sit in the corner and have my very own little pity wont last long...they usually don't....but sometimes they feel good....just for a little bit...........

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Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh I hope that your trip works out okay :( I guess my reading SK would seem in contrast, but my passion is writing (would you believe sci-fi?) and I fell in love with his style years ago. I'm actually a bit of a half-breed. I grew up living back and forth between a very tiny town in Arkansas and the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles...which probably explains my varied interests!

Have a safe and happy 4th!