Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, we're back....back to reality........a very long day of travel and we finally return home. Our oldest son has definitely got to know his siblings better.....I'm not so sure that has been a good thing! Up until this point Ryan's interaction with his younger sibs has been quite limited....the only contact has been the odd weekend visit with a lot of family around to run interference. Apparently, Ben even caused a new problem....that involved Children's Aid! Emma tried to stay up half the night and then missed the bus and Maya tried to get some exercise by walking to school when she got mad at Ryan and left the house in a huff! Of course, there was Megan who tried to convince Ryan that she was sick.....many times.....and also tried to convince him that her class was going to be away a day earlier than I had told Ryan and that she should stay home from school! All in all, I think it was a very enlightening week for Ryan, getting to know his younger sibs and it was good for the younger kids to get to know their big brother! I'm sure he'll never agree to do it again.......just as I'm sure that we wont get to go away again for a very long , long time!

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