Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well, my eldest daughter has been doing a little work on my blog....first of all she put a link (to her own blog) that gives the meaning to 'and if not', that I take very personally because it's a constant reminder to me that no matter what tribulation I go through that I never want to give up my faith in God. They say when you have tribulation that it either sends you away from God or brings you closer. Well, I'm a weakling, so I'd prefer to stay as close as possible....God is SO much stronger that I.
The other thing she did was to put the actual music on for the 'Safely Home' lyrics, so that you can hear it too....what a smart, I just have to get her to show me how to put pictures on,...just to make the blog a little more interesting!
There's the thing....with nine children, you certainly have a lot of gifts and talents to draw on when you need some help!....of course, I'm not forgetting the two 'in-law' kids who more than contribute their share to my life....I'm indeed is definitely NOT a boring life!
If you want to know anything about anything, just ask my oldest son...he's a wealth of information (and even when he doesn't know, he makes it sound like he does!), next son could teach you anything about stealing , drugs; dealing or growing, jail......need I go daughter just finished a year at college and now I can get free makeovers....bonus, especially when you have forty people coming to your house and your mind is definitely not on how you look! Number three son...well, he's the soldier, so he can take a rifle apart and put it back together, in no time the dark (always wanted to know that!) plus he could survive in the outdoors forever.....I'll stop right now cause this blog would go on forever if I went through all the kids!...I'll mention the rest later......

Today, my plan is to go to the memorial service of my friend should be an interesting service....her husband has requested that everybody come in pajamas, since his wife loved to hang out in her pyjamas....apparently, all the time.....I think that if she were here, she'd be saying....well darlin', of course I enjoy my pyjamas but not to a funeral! Like a lot of husbands though, she's not here to set him, a lot of people will be doing just that....wont be me....I'm much too old...and believe me...nobody wants to see my pyjamas....even my husband complains about how old they are!
Laughing aside, (which Ronalee also did a lot of)....please remember the Allen family today and especially little Eli , still in the hospital, probably wondering where his mama is, and wondering why she isn't here to hold him.

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