Monday, June 9, 2008

Lists...too many lists!

Monday again! It just keeps coming around! I'm looking forward, once again to a quiet morn since I did have fifteen for a pre-summer bar-b-que yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm also starting into the countdown to going away for a few days holiday, with my hubby to celebrate our 35th anniversary. I procrastinate in getting ready to go away. I know that I have to get ready,...and I do, quietly, on the side do little things to get yesterday I bought sunscreen to take with me! I think, subconciously, it has to do with my anxiety level.....I'm always excited to go away, but internally my system starts doing some kind of upset that's truly annoying! So, if I procrastinate then I hopefully put off that internal feeling.......unfortunately, since we're suppose to leave on Thursday, and I have a ton of things to internal mixmaster is on high!

One of the things I have to do today is come up with a list! I spoke in my last post about getting blasted by my fourteen year olds friend. I had to say no to a little get together that they had planned this weekend but reminded them that they did have their really big plans in two weeks to go to Canada's Wonderland....big amusement park in our area...that, of course, costs a lot to go to! It wasn't a problem because I thought that Emma was going as their guest....yesterday, I found out about being backed in a corner!!!! This 'friend' already thinks that I'm the next worst thing since Atilla the Hun, 'always spoiling Emma's fun', and all.....the biggest problem is that ALL my kids would love to go to can we pay for one and then say to the others that we can't pay for them? Even though they're not invited, I just know that it would come, onto plan B......a list! I come up with an unbelievable list of chores that I set a monetary value to,...that she has to do to my EXACT specifications....she's excited,....I'm wondering just what I have gotten myself into!

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J9 said...

Let's just say, I COMPLETELY understand the "internal mixmaster" concept...must be hereditary or something!...