Sunday, June 22, 2008

Poor Emma

Several weeks ago I got scammed by my daughter!.....this is the daughter who has the friend that gave me trouble for not letting daughter Emma do I was kind of guilted into letting Emma go to Canada's Wonderland....a big theme park, an hour and a half or so from here. It wasn't until a couple of weeks after we agreed ,that it came out that we were suppose to pay for the ticket...well, I was royally ticked off.....not only couldn't we afford that but we couldn't afford to do the same for all the it wouldn't be fair just to do it for her. Well, I tried to figure something else and I think I mentioned in a previous post that I made up a list of unusual chores that would have a monetary value that would add up to the cost of the ticket. So, for the last few weeks Emma's been doing all sorts of things that normally I couldn't even convince her to do even if I was dying! She cleaned out the fridge, washed down the patio doors, washed quite a few dishes, cleaned out a closet....and other things I can't think of at the moment.
For the last few days we've been getting the day by day countdown,...she's been making copious lists, she's had her clothes layed out that she was going to wear for at least three days, she spent the time this evening giving herself a manicure w/fresh nail polish and talked about not getting to sleep tonight because she was so excited.
About 9:30 this evening she called her friend to confirm what time they'd pick her up in the morning. Girlfriend said, 'I'll call you back'. Awhile later she did....they'd been checking the weather,'s suppose to rain,....they need to postpone. Girlfriend's mom doesn't get another day off til next Monday.......Emma is devastated.....tears, wailing,..anger....the whole nine yards....she wanted me to call the mother and convince her to go.....I couldn't.....

Poor Emma.....I really felt badly for her......she'd worked so hard and for so long.....other kids take these kind of outings for granted....not my kids,..they usually don't get special treats like that, so for them it's a big deal.

Poor Emma...I sure hope next Monday is good weather.

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Kelly said...

So sorry she can't go after all her hard work to earn the trip. Another week will only make it even more fun when she finally gets to go though, hopefully!

Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning:-)