Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Air...beautiful, cool air....

Air Conditioning! You either love it and are forever grateful to the person that invented it or you can take it or leave it.......I'm one of the grateful ones. Many years ago, when we lived in a two storey house, without air conditioning, my husband surprised me by bringing home a window air conditioner......he explained that he really didn't enjoy coming home every night to see his wife draped over the furniture,not being able to function in the heat. I was thrilled and so my gratefulness began.
When we moved to this house, we still didn't have 'central' air conditioning but still continued to use our trusty window air conditioner plus strategically placed fans around the house to move the cool air around. Then we had to put in a new furnace and for a small amount extra we decided to put in central air.....oh happy days! We've been very pleased with this air conditioning for a number of years now, I think there was only once that we needed the Freon topped up for optimal coolness......until a couple of weeks ago when the furnace man came to clean the furnace....and he accidently nicked the AC, as he put it...another man came and fixed it and I will admit when we started into this heat wave, last Friday, it was working just fine!

Until this morning.
My husband gets up and checks the thermostat...he comes into to me and says...I don't think the air is working.....WHAT!!!!!!!! That woke me up!
He's put a call in, of course,to the lovely repair men, who, of course, have about fifty million house calls before us........I am not impressed.....I am warm......(mother always said that young ladies were never 'hot')....very warm......

To top it all off...on the first day of the heat wave, last Friday, I had to drive for about a half hour to spend an exhorbitant amount of money to get my hair cut, (I've tried other cheaper places but my hair always looks dumb after the first few weeks)......I turned the air on in my van....just driving along,.......feeling HOT air.....quickly checked to see if I had the dial wrong...no, it was on the blue side, not the red, ...the air conditioning light was lit......and the air was hot!!!!! Put in a call to hubby who quickly came up with the solution...'we'll have to get that fixed tomorrow'...meanwhile the rest of the day, I drove around with the windows all down....ruining my very expensive hair do, and ending up with a dandy sinus headache! A banner day!

I really do enjoy air conditioning....I just don't know why they both have to keel over at the same time........I think the Lord might be trying to get me used to the heat before I go to Bermuda. I always thought He had a sense of humour!

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