Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Unsettling Times

Today I told my mom that it's okay that I was helping her....that for years she did for me so it wasn't a problem that I was doing for her. When did the roles reverse...did it come upon suddenly or has it been gradually......it's hard to say. My mom is easily confused a lot of the time. So, when we went to the chiropractor today for her very first time, she reminded me of a little child that was bewildered about her circumstances. Mom has had quite severe pain in her hip for about four weeks now, her family doctor diagnosed 'severe arthritis', but the chiropractor said she felt it was her hip joint tuned forward and causing the large muscle in her thigh to try to protect the joint by twisting...like a huge charley horse. She gave her some exercises to work on til she goes back....but mom can't remember the instructions. So, I went over there tonight to go over them and show her several times, what she has to do. I feel very unsettled that she is getting so confused. This is my mom....someone who was always very strong...and now she's not.....now she has to be looked after....just as she looked after me.

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Les said...

Hi mom!
Yeehaw, my mom's bloggin!

This'll be fun. I think we should find a different name for you though. Something more exotic than second of wett....