Saturday, April 26, 2008

Moving Day!

Not mine, thank the Lord....if you ever saw my basement than you'd know why! Second oldest daughter is doing some rearranging in her life and is planning on changing colleges, so, hence The Move!!! Last night my husband and my son-in-law went to daughter's place to do a 'pre-move' of a chesterfield and matching chair....and through some 'tetris-like' moves, (my husband's words) son-in-law and daughter's boyfriend, we're able to fit them into my mini van. Then, this morning we took both our vehicles and two of our older kids with us and went and moved the rest. Now, my husband is known as the master packer and he didn't let down his reputation at all.....he managed to get all her clothes, kitchen, stuff, linens and towels, computer, desk chair, television, microwave, two large mirrors, bed, mattress, futon rack and lest I forget....Jerry and Kramer, two goldfish, swimming away in their aquarium! (big breath!), packed into one mini van and one small car!

So, now she's all moved into her new place and she can get going on the next part of the journey called life.....Welcome to the neighborhood, Lauren...we're glad you're near!

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