Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crazy Tucker!

To add to the mix of all my children, we have two dogs, and eight year old Black Lab, named Tucker, and a two year old, Old English Sheepdog named Reilly. Today I'm going to tell you about Tucker. We got Tucker when he was about eight weeks old...he was my birthday present. I was drawn to him from the rest of the litter because while I was just standing there observing all the pups he came over to me, laid down on my foot and went to sleep. He's still attached to me ....unfortunately, now he's a little neurotic about the whole situation. Over the past few years he's had some of his best buddies die and he's taken it quite personally...for instance, my daughter had a Newfoundland dog, who died about six months ago. Tucker and Gideon came into our house about a week apart (my daughter and her husband were between houses and stayed at ours for a few months.....okay seven months, and they had 'ordered ' this newf before they left their last place)....anyways, Gideon, had this annoying habit of drinking from the toilet! While Gideon was alive Tucker never went near the toilet but after Gideon died Tucker started drinking from the toilet! Just over a year ago, the other dog we had, a border collie was killed up on the highway and Tucker went into a deep depression, so we just had to get him a new buddy....thus Reilly came on the scene. Anyways, I guess Tucker's had one too many emotional crises cause he's plain crazy when I go out of the house....even when I'm in the house he follows my every move. I just had to go and pick one of my daughter's up from school and I came back home to a completely shredded running shoe and pee on the son wont be impressed since it was his shoe...thank goodness it was an old pair. I've tried medication, music, dog bones, dog toys.....none of these things work....I think we need some kind of intervention! If anyone has any thoughts, please share them,...I'm desperate!

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