Monday, April 21, 2008


Hello, my name is Marie, and I'm a blogaholic. "Hello, Marie". There must be a group out there somewhere for this problem,...after all, they have groups for everything else, don't they? It started out innocently enough, my daughter created a blog, now if I could remember exactly how to put the link in that she showed me last night, then I'd show you, but alas...too much info, too little brain cells left! Then I heard that my niece had a blog, so I added her. Then I used to be big fan of Lisa Welchel's journal site, and in that she mentioned one of her friends, so add her to the list! It starts so innocently....honest.....well, now I have a list of about twenty!!! When I get on the computer it's amazing how fast an hour goes when your peeking into other peoples lives! I told my daughter that it's like having a bunch of new friends,(even though they don't know me from Adam!). I love to read about their latest project, what their kids are doing, whether so-and-so got the house, is finally moving, had the baby, (speaking of babies....2 weeks and counting til next grandbaby makes her appearance!) You also end up praying for people that you know but don't know and you feel in your own way that you're helping.
Now, I knew yesterday that I had a problem when I asked my son-in-law about transferring all my info onto a new computer. (I had already asked my husband and he said, I'm sure there's a way, we'll have to ask James) So, I asked James and poor James he thought I meant just this blog and then my oh-so-pregnant daughter piped up, 'she means all the blogs she reads!! James said sure mom, no problem! Phew, what a relief! I can breathe easier because I told him I wouldn't have to make a list, checking it twice, to find out who's naughty or nice,..whoops, wrong time of year! just to keep all my new friend from disappearing into cyberspace!!
So, you see, there must be a group, somewhere.....I need some serious help here, but meantime it's time to get going to quilt class!!


J9 said...

Hey, I didn't realize you'd started a blog as well! Welcome to the addiction!

Les said...

Although people can still find me by following my profile back. You know, we could list all the blogs you like in your sidebar, like I do, and then you could just click on them. That way they for sure won't get lost when the new computer comes. I can help you....