Friday, April 4, 2008

Rainy Days...

Well, it's a rainy day today in what does one do on a rainy is forced to clean!!! I would have much rather done my quilting or read a delicious book just waiting there, taunting me....but, must adhere to one's responsibilities...and so I spent the morning cleaning my kitchen. You see, two of my girls, the 14 and almost 16 year old like to make supper. Now you are probably saying...'aren't you the lucky one'....but unfortunately luck has absolutely nothing to do with it.!(in fact, I often tell my kids that I don't believe in luck since God is in control)...anyways, in their enthusiasm, they don't exactly clean the kitchen up when they're done to the standards that my husband and I morning was clean the kitchen....and now it's done....and now I can quilt! Hurrah!

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