Thursday, April 3, 2008

Many Things

Being the mother of nine kids has its distinct challenges....especially when several of them are 'in crisis' at one time. I find myself being pulled in many different directions and the everyday things get messed up. Just last night my brother and his wife were going to come for a visit ...but they didn't come....after I sat there wondering why...I thot ..maybe I was suppose to call them and confirm....sure enough an email from my brother today confirmed that thot........oh well...too many thots...too little brain!....we'll have to set a new date.
Today I plan to make a sandwich and meet my husband for lunch, down at the's still chilly but the sun is gloriously shining....and once again, because we have so many kids it's nice to have a few quiet moments in the middle of the day...just to enjoy each other and connect. I love April!

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