Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Anybody that knows me knows that I am just crazy about my grandbabies! In fact, one of my kids, accusingly said one day "you only smile when they are here" which I replied...'that's because they don't mouth off to me and give me a hard time'!....anyways, three of them live in one family and one lives in another. The one by himself, well I don't see him very often but the other three are in and out of our house quite often so we get to experience all the marvelous things they say and Verity, who will be three in about a month, told me this morning that her momma gave her a delicious breakfast and that her momma has a baby sister in her tummy! (my daughter is due to give birth in two weeks, we're very excited!)....then yesterday, Verity's older sister Honour decided to try out her printing skills on the outside of their van...with a stone....her mother was not impressed....Honour had already written on something precious awhile ago. At that time my daughter had her print on a piece of paper..'I will only print on paper', which she proudly kept under her pillow as a reminder and frequently showed her mother. When my daughter said, 'What happened to what you already wrote on the paper?' to which an upset Honour replied...'But I didn't have my paper with me!' just gotta love them! Now the girls older brother Jairus tried to pull a fast one's spring...everything is happening! They were visiting and Jairus was in my bedroom watching t.v. for awhile. On my night table there were two DVD's...ones that I had purchased specifically for them to watch when their momma goes into labour. One was about a little ballerina girl that I knew Honour would enjoy (and maybe Verity) and the other one was Happy that my daughter had said Jairus just loved. Well, when I went to bed last night the ballerina one was still there but the one that had been underneath it was missing! I said to my husband..'now, where is that DVD'...of course, as men are want to say..'what dvd?' 'The Happy Feet' one, was there this morning and now it's missing.' A mystery! So, this morning I'm talking to my daughter on the phone and I the way, is Jairus' bag handy (Jairus has taken to carrying a plastic grocery bag around w/him and putting all manner of treasures in it). I explained about the missing dvd, so she went and looked.....3 videos , 3 dvds and a pair of binoculars....and then I hear her laughing.....there was my new dvd! That little monkey! I'm glad it was my daughter that had to take it away from him (he was very upset)...I probably would have given it to come when you're a mom you can be firm and disciplined but when you're a nana you just become a wobbly bowl of jelly.....ready to give in at the smallest tear or the most engaging smile.........ah,...grandbabies....God's special gift!

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Ronalee said...

It helps that Les grows beautiful children!!!
I love that Jairus has a bag.....will prove interesting at FH!!!