Monday, August 3, 2009

Lookee at my grandbabies!

One morning our other grandson came to visit and say hi...he was staying w/his other grandparents....I said to hubby...quick,...take a picture of them all!

This looks like the best shot.....Afton's in the stroller, Honour is next...she'll be 6 in a few weeks, the guy in the middle is Donovan, he's the other grandson, we don't see him very often, then Verity......she kept saying 'actually' all week...'well, actually nana, I really didn't step on Aftons' toes, it was an accident'...and Jairus. One day, Jairus was asked by his mom, twice if he wanted to go to the pool with them and he said 'no'...but as soon as they left he went into a panic and just had to go! So, there we were, hubby and I, desperately trying to get him into his bathing suit as he was doing a frantic panic. Then he got on his bike and I had to go with him, ...the pool is a little distance away...well, eldest daughter said that they couldn't take his training wheels off yet cause he rode too slow, like an old, we went....well, did he make a liar out of his momma! He went roarin' down the road and I was trying to keep up...he was going so fast that I had to try to run....well, people...this body has not run in many years.....many, many, the time we got to the pool my heart was racing and my breath was puffin'! By the time I walked back to the trailer my legs were still wobblin'........yes, I know severely out of shape, I am. I told my hubby how I was feeling and he said..'you mean all I have to do to get rid of you is make you run'?....ah,...a feel good moment!

We've come home from the seems we've been there a very long time....the last week was spent with my grandchildren there, was a little crazy at times.....12 people in a 29' trailer....when you break it down it was 4 adults, 4 teens and 4 small children! Ya, just a little crazy!

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