Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Bar-b-que 2009!

So, we celebrated Honour's 6th birthday at the family bar-b-que yesterday...she was verrrrrry excited!

Eldest son, Ryan with youngest grandbaby....well, youngest that we can see just yet,..Afton...they both have the same eyes and foreheads!

Soldier boy Paul, was counting down the minutes to get back home...a certain sweet someone was on her way home from Myrtle Beach....

Paul and Verity....they share the same birthday day.....they have a special connection.....he truly enjoys her!

When Ryan was a toddler, his favourite comfy was a sock monkey...he used to suck on the mouths ...I would have to wash them regularly....sometimes I'd have to replace them...which he was horrified to find out yesterday when I gave him this wee little one...the perfect size for newborn baby born Wettlaufer due in November...I have to keep calling him Baby Wettlaufer cause they wont tell us the name they've picked out..... :0(

The other Ryan and daughter Lauren......the two of them drove up with Paul, the early hours of the's about a three hour drive from our area.....

Ryan getting the barbeques ready......he made homemade hamburgers that everyone loved....

Honour playing with some of her gifts ...and of course Verity doing the most perfect photogenic pose!!!

Lauren and Ryan brought gifts for the rest of the kids so they wouldn't feel left did son Ryan and wife Jenn....yes...the grandkids are spoiled!!! Here's Jairus with his soldier helmet and a mini hockey stick that he kept pretending was a gun.....boys!

This pic turned out a little light...but this is oldest daughter Leslie and daughter-in-law Jenn, showing her pregnant tummy with new grandbaby tucked inside!
It was a lovely but tiring took me two hours longer to clean the trailer than I wasn't that dirty but I wanted everything to be just right...unfortunately,..when I woke up this morning my body was screamin' at me , telling me just how I had wronged it yesterday...........I was also very tired and hubby insisted I stay home from church and I loaded up on the Tylenol and Advil and sat all morning...not doin' much of was quiet...just me and my dog.
It was a good day...thanks Ryan and Jennifer for having all of us!

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