Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Honour Elizabeth......

Honour was born six years ago today. My very first grand daughter. I remember it well,.....and considering my memory banks these days...well, that's an accomplishment! She was born just a few short days after the 'great blackout' remember, when all the area was without power for days...a little scary because Honour was suppose to be born at home....we weren't sure this would be allowed if there wasn't any power. The power did come on and Honour was born at home...and it was a fabulous experience....I don't know how I could ever forget it (but after watching my elderly mom lately, I can see it may become a real possibility. :0( ....dementia is an ugly thing) .

It was a sunny day.....eldest daughter and I walked the neighboring streets, while her uterus contracted....excited that this day had finally arrived. I will admit to being a trifle concerned....but tried to be a good, supporting mother and not show it. I had never been at a home birth before...what if something happened? what if there was an emergency? Eldest daughter has had an amazing midwife, for all her childrens births, Tamara. I wish I had known about midwives when I was expecting (but then again, I had to have sections, so I guess it would have been redundant anyways). Of course, I have no idea if all midwives are the same...but Tamara,...well, words can not describe the calmness that exudes from makes you feel quite confident....even when you're just the nana, watching close by.

As the afternoon sun streamed through the bedroom windows, Honour Elizabeth was born. I was so excited that I felt like my heart would burst through my body....I wanted to run up and down the street and tell strangers......' a baby girl has been born, right there in that house,..a miracle has happened,..and she's beautiful and her name is Honour Elizabeth'!

Happy Birthday, Honour Elizabeth........your nana and papa love you very much....and we're so glad that you were born on that beautiful, sunny day, six years ago!

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