Monday, August 10, 2009

The Unknown ~ Port Stanley!

This is the guy that was responsible for planning the whole weekend! My hubby even arranged for his sister to come and stay with the kids and the brave woman!

This is the inn where we stayed...the outside looks a little austere but our room was absolutely fabulous...I wanted to come home and recreate it at my house!

The view from our balcony. We had our breakfast at that table the morning we left.

All the 'water' pictures were taken from our balcony...great huh?

I just had to put this pic in...I told hubby that he had to sit in it so everybody could see just how huge it is......the tub was right beside our king size bed....(which I'm not really too fond of (kingsize beds, I mean) cause I don't like hubby in the next time zone, so to speak....)
So that's just some of the pics from our wonderful weekend...hubby called it my mid summer that I can get thru the rest of the summer! It was a wonderful relaxing rained on Saturday...we did go on a little train ride that was kind of fun.....some old train cars that had been redone by volunteers ...the rest of the time it rained...that was okay because it was supposed to be a relaxing time.......not going places and doing things...we watched movies and I worked on the binding on Honour's quilt...almost done! We were only gone 48 hours but it seemed much, much longer......a wonderful, thoughtful gesture from a wonderful, thoughtful hubby......ya, he's a peach! :0)

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