Sunday, August 16, 2009


On Verity's , the blue rectangles, stitched in 1/4" lines...I really thot this fabric reminded me of Verity with the starbursts (or Fireworks!)...that's Verity's personality!

I outlined all the flowers in the outer border , the flowers reminded me of Honours personality...gentle and soft......and the diamond pattern...I think it's called cross thatched on the other border...

Miss Honour's

Miss Verity's

Hubby suggested putting their names in colour...I had already done them in a regular quilting stitch in the white thread....they really didn't show up very well.

Honour kept asking for the last few it done yet???/

Verity is quite pleased....

Finally, after a year of hand stitching.....Ta Da!!!!! Honour and Verity's quilts are done!!


J9 said...

Beautiful job on both of them!! Well worth the wait!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! They're beautiful!-the quilts and the girls. You did a fantastic job.