Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Trailer and other stuff....

Good Morning, Company Girls!

Today is....'going back up to the trailer day to get it spruced up for a family renting it next week' day!

This is the first time that we've ever done this and I do admit to a little apprehension. I really do know that we are not supposed to hold our material possessions to closely in this world...but.....well, you's an old trailer...almost 16 years old....and we've had it ourselves maybe 13 of those years. Hubby and I always used his parents or my parents trailer for our holidays...til our family got so large that it didn't seem like a holiday anymore.....the last time we used his mom's little RV we came home more tired then when we went up...not we searched high and low for a bank that would finance it and we bought this barely used trailer all those years ago. It took about five years for us to pay it off at the bank....five very long years. We try to take very good care of monkeys jumping on the bed allowed! When the grandkids come, every single mirror (there's always lots of mirrors in these little trailers,...I think it's suppose to make them look bigger inside!) always gets fifty million fingerprints all over them....I wait till they leave before I even try to clean them! Up til now, we've resisted renting our little trailer because we just weren't sure that anyone else would be as gentle with it as we've been all these years...but this summer my good friend Anne said she had a friend that needed to rent a trailer for the week,...that we weren't going to be there for...and would we please consider we finally decided to give it a try....I'm hoping we don't regret it.

Then.....tomorrow, we are suppose to leave our trailer and go to Parry Sound, where eldest son and his wife live for our annual family Bar-b-que....wait a minute...we didn't have one last does it still count as an annual event? Oh well, we're all looking forward to it...usually eldest son and wife have to travel down here to see us all so they like that we all have to do the travelling for a change!
Yesterday's visit to the doctor was a waste of my time (and his)...he has to see Ben before he can fill out the papers....I explained that seeing Ben wasn't going to make a difference since Ben has kindergarten age comprehension (at 18 yrs old) and wouldn't understand what he was asking him, so why did he need to see him.....but...he did say he couldn't verify everything he was signing without even seeing Ben...I guess he did have a point...but I ended up using most of the afternoon up just finding that out! Grrrrr.
Then when I got home, there was a phone message from the parole officer who is in charge of other son, (who spent time in jail at the beginning of the summer) I called him back...he wanted some background info and was hoping I could help him out....I didn't mind since this son needs all the help he can get to be understood at this time. He has's a terrible thing. So many of the kids that come into the foster care system do. I know it's not an excuse but it does explain some of the behaviour.
So, Company Girls, I must be off...have to gather the stuff together and my cleaning supplies and get on the road...have a good weekend y'all!


Erin said...

Enjoy your weekend at Parry Sound. We've attended Camp Koinonia, located just off of 400 before Parry Sound. I love walking around downtown Parry Sound, the stores and restaurants. The kids love looking at the boats.

Jolanthe said...

Have {fun} cleaning! :)

Happy Coffee Talk! :)


carikaufm said...

Enjoy your weekend...

Make sure to take some time out to just rest!

"Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop."

Marie said...

Hello! I can imagine renting your sweet RV was a difficult decision. I will pray for it to be safe in the hands of the new family. Wishing you a Blessed weekend!


Kara said...

A busy week! Hope your rental goes well.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're busy. Enjoy your time at the BBQ, and hope everything works out with the trailer and your kids.