Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome Company Girls!

Hubby and I went on our first cruise last night. We are still at our trailer and good friends that are also camping suggested that we go on this dinner cruise coming out of a city nearby.
Our friends Anne and Dave...
Here's me looking a little pensive, being that it's my very first cruise....but I loved it!
Well, since eldest daughter was here to hold down the fort (so to speak) ...we left! It was a wonderful time because it was the one and only mild , clear summer evening that we've had this summer yet! As we boarded we were asked how we wanted our steak cooked, and then we head up to the top deck to grab the only table left on the side that our friends assured us would have the very best view of all the mini mansions...
along the shore and then of the magnificent sunset!
They were right!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun time. I'm glad you enjoyed your first cruise.