Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weight Loss and Fire!

So, I went to the chiropractor today.....and as I was standing there and she was checking my back...she said 'you've lost weight!'......I said....well, a couple of pounds...actually almost five..but who's counting ...besides ME!! Anyways, she says...'ya, I can tell, on your back'....okay, so if anyone asks me where I most want to lose weight, I'm sorry but my back just doesn't seem to pop into my mind,..like, is this an old age thing or something? Geesh!

Yesterday, I hand washed a lot of pots, pans, cookie sheets etc. that had accumulated over the weekend and I was ever so pleased to have it done when hubby got home after a long day at his two jobs.....until he opened the oven door...which was crammed with more things....'good grief', I said...'who the pete put those in there?'...well, it turned out that it was Emma...so tonight she helped me 'unload the oven' before I could turn it on to cook supper. Unfortunately, she left a black, plastic flipper,lifter, turn over thingy in the stove and I had no idea til I got a whiff of a very acrid smell. I quickly opened the oven door and smoke billowed out...the lifter thingy was on fire and melting! I quickly closed the door, but not before Emma, Maya and I inhaled surely toxic fumes that hit you in the back of the throat. I shut the oven off and opened the windows. Emma did open the oven door and removed the black thingy and threw it outside....but the stench....oh my goodness! I lit every scented candle I owned. A little while ago ,the oven had cooled enough to let me inspect the damage....black plastic has melted all on the oven element and now it is hardened on! No chance of getting it off...I'd have to melt it off and the stench would be too much. So, hubby is going to try to get a new element tomorrow...we figure it'll be pretty pricey.....geesh, just in time for Christmas!

Always something in our house!

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Ryan said...

That's an awful smell, but I couldn't really tell when I was there if it's any consolation.