Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Friend indeed...

Yesterday was a no good, terrible, horrible know those kind that 'you think that it couldn't get any worse....but it does'........
I've been dealing, well not really my body will attest to.......let's say,..being lambasted by stress from every corner of my life for the last few weeks....or husband insisted that I get myself back to the chiropractor yesterday because the pain in my neck going up into my head was so severe that I couldn't lift my head off the pillow without aid.

Before I could get out the door, Ben's teacher called. Now, you may remember Ben's story a couple of posts ago. Ben's class is going bowling this week....every month they go bowling.....and Ben feels that it's his right to go. Well, in light of his aggression with his sisters the other Saturday, I've been curtailing his extra activities....they're privileges..which he made the choice to lose for awhile. Well, teacher wants to know why this should be impacting school stuff since this is a home restriction. I try to explain that in Ben's mind there is no separation and I have to take every opportunity to get through to his damaged brain that what he did was very wrong.

Teacher was supportive but wasn't getting it, stupid me...opened my big mouth and told her exactly what he did to his sisters...then she fully understood and everything was fine.

Until I got a call from hubby as I was leaving the chiropractor....the chiropractor who had just given me an expensivethatwecan'tafford adjustment plus some homeopathic little pills to help with the nerve pain caused by the stress!!!!!!!!! When your hubby asks if you're in a public place and he's got a strain to his voice, you kind of know that he's not about to whisper sweet nothings in your ear! Apparently, Ben's teacher called him, since she couldn't get me....she had been giving a lot of thought to what her and I had chatted about and in talking to the vice principal they decided that they should inform the Childrens Aid Society !!!!!

To say that I was 'blown away' was an understatement! As I was driving I put a call into the CAS to talk to our adoption worker. She's been in charge of our last four adoptions and knows our family really well....she's become more of a friend then a social worker to me.....halfway home, I decided to stop at the 'Agency' and talk to her...thankfully she was in.
We talked for almost an hour. She told me that Ben was too old for them to remove him from the home but that the worst case scenario was that he could be reported to the police and charged with assault! That would be like charging a 6 year old! My friend said that she would go to the 'intake' department and talk with the worker on call and explain the situation for when the call came in.
I left there with anxiety in my heart....wondering what the outcome of the day would be ....wishing my hubby was there to hold me.....
Later, in the afternoon, the teacher called and told me that they had called CAS, and they had called her back and told her that the parents had things under control and that they would just be offering any services that they could...although my friend and I determined that there weren't any.

Then my friend called me...she said 'all was clear, not to worry, everything would be alright'...well, as far as CAS was concerned. Never as far as Ben is concerned.

Yesterday morning I was feeling quite down and in despair and I asked the Lord to give me a friend that I could talk sister is in Florida for several weeks, I couldn't talk to her...I tried to look up on the Internet to see when another friend was working,..she works at the library at a town about 45 minutes away...couldn't find the times.......I tried calling another friend who lives a couple of hours away...but just got her machine......
.... but after I left the agency and I was sitting at home with a cup of tea and resting....I realized that the Lord had indeed given me a friend yesterday....just when I needed her (anyone that deals with these kinds of children agencies knows how difficult it is to get to talk to a worker when you need one)......this friend listened to me talk for an hour, she helped me, she encouraged me and before we parted she gave me a big hug.

As I sat there, remunerating about the whole afternoon...I realized that God had indeed sent me a friend. Pretty neat eh?

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Katrina said...

Wow, that is pretty neat! To bad you needed a friend for those reasons, though. :(